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Democrats have been lying about Obamacare since 2009. Today, in honor of the incredibly unhappy anniversary of its disastrous rollout, NRSC is highlighting Obama's loyal rubber stamps. We've released a new web video: "The Anniversary Of The ObamaCare Collapse."

The video recalls Senate Democrats' repeated lies. Many Democratic senators make cameos:

  • Mark Begich (D-Alaska)

  • Mark Pryor (D-Ark.)

  • Mark Udall (D-Colo.)

  • Bruce Braley (D-Iowa)

  • Mary Landrieu (D-La.)

  • Gary Peters (D-Mich.)

  • Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.)

  • Kay Hagan (D-N.C.)

  • Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.)

  • Mark Warner (D-Va.)

  • These senators once promised hard-working Americans that they could keep the health care plans they liked — and keep seeing the doctors they trusted. You can watch the video above.

    Obamacare remains as unpopular (if not more so) today than it was in 2010. A majority of Americans still oppose the signature "achievement" of Democratic senators across the country.

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    Michael Lehmann | October 01, 2014 |
    In Mitch McConnell’s new ad, former coal miner Chris Sexton praises the senator's record:

    Senator McConnell helped secure millions of dollars to retrain Kentucky coal miners, so we can learn new skills and get good jobs. It was my lifelong dream to be a paramedic and help my community — and thanks to Mitch McConnell, I’m getting the training I need to fulfill that dream. Senator McConnell is using his experience and his clout to fight for coal miners like me and our families.
    You can watch the ad above. You can learn more about what Senator McConnell has done — and will do — for Kentuckians here.

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    Michael Lehmann | October 01, 2014 |

    Washington could not look more inept, incompetent and outdated than it has over the past year.

    Americans have seen many government failures firsthand: the disastrous Obamacare rollout, the president underestimating the ISIS threat, unforgiveable failures at the Department of Veterans Affairs, and even the Secret Services's recent security lapses at the White House.

    There's even more bad news: this incompetent government is more than $17,000,000,000,000 in debt.

    This top-down government — controlled by Washington — is failing miserably. Republicans believe in a more organic approach, a bottom-up style of government. This approach begins with the people and solves problems.

    The Obama administration has proven incapable of delivering any of the "change" that it promised. Harry Reid is far more interested in clinging to power than actually solving problems. The Democratic machine controlling Washington is out of control and asleep at the wheel. Take a look at a few examples:

  • In August, with the world in crisis and America facing many problems, President Obama attended just EIGHT of his daily briefings. Putting that in context, President Obama attended 16 political fundraisers in July and August alone.

  • Senator Jeanne Shaheen has skipped approximately half of the Foreign Relations Committee's hearings over the last two years. This includes one she missed on April 11, 2013 — when a top official warned about the emergence of ISIS.

  • Congressman Bruce Braley has missed twice as many roll call votes as any other member of the Iowa delegation. He's also missed 78 percent of the House Veterans Affairs Committee's hearings and 70 percent of the House Oversight Committee hearings.

  • Senator Kay Hagan skipped half of the Armed Services Committee's hearings in 2013. She also refuses to discuss reports that she skipped a classified ISIS hearing for a campaign fundraiser in New York City.

  • In 2013, Senator Mark Begich missed more votes than 80 percent of his Senate colleagues. He even missed a vote on extending unemployment benefits (which he claims is a priority) to deliver a speech to a lobbying group in Hawaii.

  • These are just of a few of the many glaring examples of Democratic senators being asleep at the wheel during serious times. They've failed to live up to the responsibilities that taxpayers entrusted them with.

    Washington has become the poster child for incompetence. It's time to shake up Washington, and that begins with shaking up the Senate.

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    Tim Cameron | October 01, 2014 |

    In 2008, Al Franken told Minnesotans what he'd do in the Senate.

    In 2014, it's clear that he's let them down in at least five different ways:


    Claim: "I think the job of a senator from Minnesota is to exercise independent judgment, and that's what I'm going to do."

    Reality: Franken has voted with President Obama a staggering 97 percent of the time.


    Claim: "If you want to put an end to this war, and make sure that when our veterans come home they are honored with the proper health care and benefits, then I ask for your vote."

    Reality: Six years later, the VA scandal exploded. Just last week, the Merced (California) Sun-Star reported a tragic Minnesota example of this scandal:

    The Department of Veterans Affairs said Tuesday it will investigate allegations that the appointment records of a retired Marine who died after having seizures were falsified to cover up delays in patient care at the Minneapolis VA Health Care System.

    Claim: Franken said that he supports Obama's health care program.

    Reality: Franken voted for Obamacare, which forced 146,000 Minnesotans to purchase new — and often more expensive — health care plans.


    Claim: Franken said that he didn't want to leave his kids "an enormous burden of debt."

    Reality: Since Franken became a senator, unsustainable federal budgets have caused the national debt to soar — it's up more than $7 trillion under him and President Obama.


    Promise: "I will work to make sure that the taxpayers' dollars are taken care of, and that there's good stewardship in Washington."

    Reality: Franken voted for the stimulus, billions of dollars in wasteful earmarks, and hundreds of billions more in discretionary spending.

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    Tim Cameron | October 01, 2014 |
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