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In an effort to keep Russ Feingold from misleading voters, today’s edition of Feingold Flashback's focuses on his hypocrisy on his partisan record.

May 18, 2015: Feingold Says He Was Willing To “Break With His Own Party”

"Feingold asserted that his own tenure in the Senate showed he was willing to break with his own party and work with the other side. “You can either be an independent where people are not absolutely certain which way you’re going to vote until they have a chance to talk to you about it, or you can have a record where you always are partisan and essentially always vote with corporations, the multimillionaires and billionaires,” Feingold said.” (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 5/18/2015)

Feingold Flashback from February 20, 2012:

FEINGOLD: "I agree with the president over 95 percent of the time. I think he's doing a very good job and I think he's going to be by the end of his second term, one of our greatest presidents."
(CNN's, "Piers Morgan Tonight," 2/20/12)
NRSC | May 21, 2015 |

Just days after her kickoff for California's Senate seat, Democratic Rep. Loretta Sanchez's controversial behavior has threatened to derail her campaign.

The Wall Street Journal describes the shocking snafu:

In a video that ricocheted across social media, the 10-term congresswoman is seen tapping her hand over her open mouth while making a whooping sound—imitating a stereotype of a Native American war cry. It was made Saturday while Ms. Sanchez spoke to a gathering of the party’s Indian-American caucus at a restaurant.

Ms. Sanchez was relating an anecdote about a phone conversation she had with a person who referred to himself as being from the “Indian-American community.” She told the delegates she was expecting to meet a Native American man, and was surprised when the person turned out to trace his heritage to the country of India.
Watch the video below:

Sanchez's Democratic primary opponent, Kamala Harris, was especially shocked at the account, stating:

"I don’t know what to say to that. That – that – that’s shocking," Harris said, raising her eyebrows in disbelief when the comments were shared with her after an afternoon news conference. "That’s shocking," she repeated.
CNN reports that following her distasteful slip-up, Sanchez was literally running away from reporters:

But when she let out a stereotypical Native American "war cry" over the weekend, it marred that image and sent her running.

Literally -- away from a reporter trying to chase her down for comment on the gaffe that many found racially offensive.
Sanchez has since apologized for her remarks, but her apologies seem to have fallen flat, with little to no support from Democrats.

My Fox LA notes that she still has an uphill battle ahead of her as she faces off with the Hollywood Left's favorite candidate, Kamala Harris:

Political watchers say Sanchez has an uphill battle against Harris, especially when it comes to campaign financing. As of the end of March, Harris had $2.5 million in funds compared to Sanchez with $540,000
While Sanchez may be the underdog, she certainly isn't going to make it through the election with more mistakes like these.

Harris will be sure to take advantage of this and work to drive California Democrats to her side, as yet another Democratic primary heats up.
NRSC | May 18, 2015 |

Russ Feingold is in.

Feingold has officially announced his candidacy to challenge Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson...but taught a class in California last night?

With news that career politician Russ Feingold wants to relocate from California back to Capitol Hill, the NRSC released the following statement:

“After decades in politics, Feingold’s ego still can’t grasp that he was soundly defeated by Oshkosh job creator Ron Johnson in 2010. Wisconsin families rejected Feingold’s broken promises and his liberal record once and they are going to do it again.

Wisconsin voters know a desperate career politician when they see one and that is why they will re-elect their independent leader, Ron Johnson.” - NRSC Communications Director Andrea Bozek

The NRSC has compiled a list of songs to remind Russ of home while he runs in Wisconsin:

Feingold's progressive politics may be all the rage in California, but not in Wisconsin.

Feingold will have an uphill battle as he scrambles to convince common sense Wisconsin voters to buy into his failed record as a progressive professor and career politician.
NRSC | May 14, 2015 |

In California, the Hollywood Left has already anointed liberal Democrat Kamala Harris for Senate in 2016.

The Hill reports celebrities are pulling for Democratic Attorney General Kamala Harris in CA Sen:

Federal Election Commission records show plenty of top-tier stars are getting out their checkbooks ahead of the June 2016 primary and the November 2016 general election.

Big-name celebrities — including John Legend, Seth MacFarlane, Sean Penn, and Sheryl Sandberg — are coughing up big cash to back Kamala Harris in her Senate bid.
The Hill elaborates on Harris' donations from ultra-rich California celebrities:

“Family Guy” creator MacFarlane shelled out more than $5,000 dollars to Harris’s campaign. Politically active “All of Me” singer Legend, a supporter of President Obama and frequent visitor to Washington, donated $2,000. Sandberg, Facebook’s chief operating officer and author of Lean In, gave $5,200. “Milk” star Sean Penn also donated more than $5,000.
Famed director Rob Reiner, who was behind the camera on hits such as “When Harry Met Sally …,”

“The Princess Bride,” and “This is Spinal Tap,” steered $2,700 Harris’s way with a donation in late March. Laurie David, the producer of 2006’s “An Inconvenient Truth,” offered up $5,400, the maximum amount an individual can give to a single candidate in a two-year election cycle.
While Kamala Harris is raking in thousands from A-list Hollywood donors, many rank-and-file Democrats are pulling for newly-announced candidate, Rep. Loretta Sanchez.

Grassroots Democrats had previously expressed discontent over the California liberal establishment's overwhelming support of Harris, paving the way for a more populist underdog like Sanchez to make her way into the sparse Democratic primary field.

Will Kamala's Hollywood support be enough to earn her the Democratic nomination for Senate? Or will she be overtaken by Rep. Loretta Sanchez?

The California Democratic divide only continues to deepen as this primary battle heats up.
NRSC | May 14, 2015 |
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