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Mark Pryor keeps digging a deeper hole for himself.

After lying to a tornado victim, ducking debates and literally running from the press, you would think that Pryor couldn’t dig his hole any deeper.

But yesterday, Pryor did. He decided that he should continue avoiding his responsibility for enacting Obamacare, a policy that has led to tens of thousands of cancelled insurance plans in Arkansas — and millions nationwide.

When Bob Clausen, a KARK anchor in Little Rock, asked Pryor about concerns that Arkansans are losing their insurance or facing increased premiums, he was dismissive: “A lot of this is anecdotal.”

Townhall's Guy Benson gave Pryor credit for not pulling a Harry Reid and calling millions of Americans liars, but Pryor might as well have.

Pryor refuses to engage with issues that are important to his constituents. He has refused to appear in important televised debates. Pryor knows that Obamacare and the president are hugely unpopular in his state; all he can do is run from interviews.

He can’t hide that he has voted 90% of the time with Obama, especially as Tom Cotton promises to help Arkansans fight the president’s unpopular policies.

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Bill Murphy | July 24, 2014 |

She's at it again!

Alison Lundergan Grimes released a new attack ad that, yet again, spreads lies about Mitch McConnell.

David Stanley, a former coal miner, mentions that Eastern Kentucky has lost almost half their coal jobs over the past two years. He then asks, "Why did you say it's not your job to bring jobs to Kentucky?"

The article Stanley and Grimes are referencing, from the Beattyville Enterprise, is drastically misquoted.

McConnell was referring to specific industries within Lee County, which would fall on the Kentucky State Department's doorstep — not his.

In fact, Bill Bissett, Kentucky Coal Association President, sides with the senator. Bissett explained that Senate Democrats are the real problem, and McConnell is the solution:

"I can say with great confidence that Sen. McConnell and his staff have done everything they can to support Kentucky's coal miners and coal productions, but these efforts have been stopped at every turn in the United States Senate by Sen. Harry Reid."
In addition to Bissett's praise, an aluminum industry business executive credited McConnell with saving Kentucky jobs in the industry.

As we can see, McConnell does fight for Kentucky jobs. Grimes' new attack ad is wrong.

This ad, however, isn't the first time the Grimes campaign has aired misleading information to Kentucky voters. Recently, she tied McConnell — incorrectly — to voting to raise a senior's Medicare costs by $6,000.

Don't buy Grimes' misleading attacks.

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Bill Murphy | July 24, 2014 |
Terri Lynn Land's main focus is creating jobs in Michigan.

When Congressman Peters ran the Michigan lottery, he allowed a state contract to be outsourced to China. Peters has also accepted thousands of dollars from the IRS employees union, and voted to protect the IRS from scrutiny.

Terri Lynn Land puts Michigan first — not Washington interests. After two successful terms as Michigan's Secretary of State, Land's ready to follow her conservative principles and put Michiganders back to work:

“I took the lessons learned at the family business—the importance of hard work, balanced budgets, and customer service—and set my focus on improving government services to make government work for the people. ... Now, I am ready to take my work ethic and experience as a mother, small businesswoman and public official to Washington to show them how government should work for the hardworking taxpayers.”
Gary Peters is a roadblock for Michigan jobs. Watch the latest video from Terri Lynn Land above.

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Bill Murphy | July 24, 2014 |

The news was on the front page of every major newspaper in Montana this morning.

In a bombshell story for the New York Times, Jonathan Martin reported yesterday that Senator John Walsh plagiarized significant portions — 79%, according to the Missoulian — of his final paper for the United States Army War College.

New York Magazine explains the problem:

"[T]his was not the youthful foibles of a naive twentysomething but the shady work of a 46-year-old who apparently did not know how well Google works. ... And, no, it wasn't just sloppy footnoting or missing quotation marks: 'In other instances, Mr. Walsh swaps a synonym for a word in the original document, and condenses sentences.'"
In other words, Senator Walsh's excuse — “This was unintentional and it was a mistake, there were areas that should have been cited differently but it was completely unintentional" — is completely and utterly false.

There is no excuse for plagiarism this serious. That hasn't stopped the embattled senator and his allies from trying, though.

When confronted by Jonathan Martin on Tuesday with the damning plagiarism evidence, Senator Walsh said that he didn't think he did anything wrong. Walsh and his team deliberated for nearly eighteen hours, before telling the New York Times that the senator had not sought treatment for PTSD.

Later that same day, Senator Walsh changed his own story, telling the Associated Press that he was on medication and being treated for PTSD. A few hours after that, a Walsh campaign official told Politico that "Senator Walsh was prescribed medication to treat PTSD."

A follow-up story from the New York Times shows that Walsh's plagiarism has sounded an ethical alarm at the Army War College:

"As the War College’s provost, the retired brigadier general Lance Betros, announced the school was launching an investigation into Mr. Walsh’s paper, former students vividly remembered the rigorous, intense procedures regarding academic integrity: classes fully dedicated to plagiarism guidelines; PowerPoint presentations outlining rules that were routinely passed around; students signing sheets acknowledging that they understood the guidelines, and that submitted work was all their own. 'It was beaten into our heads over and over and over again,' said Ms. Stock [a 2006 War College graduate] about life during the yearlong program for a select group of colonels and lieutenant colonels.”
This is a serious incident that will have serious consequences for Senator Walsh and the Army War College. As far as what it means for 2014, perhaps the Huffington Post's Chris Weigant put it best:

"After seeing the recent news from the New York Times, what is now called for is kissing goodbye any chances that the Montana Senate seat up for grabs will stay Democratic. To be blunt: there is now exactly zero chance of that happening, and we should all chalk up one guaranteed Republican gain in the Senate. The revelations that John Walsh plagiarized a major paper in college have now completely torpedoed his chances for retaining the seat. To be fair, there was little chance that Walsh was going to win in any case. But the difference between 'little chance' and 'no chance' can be measured in hope. There is now no hope for Democrats in Montana, this year."
The Democrats can kiss Montana goodbye.

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Michael Lehmann | July 24, 2014 |
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Paid for by the National Republican Senatorial Committee. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee. www.NRSC.org