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Yesterday veterans visiting Washington stormed the World War II memorial that had been closed by the Obama Administration. According to the Washington Post:

"It was a chaotic scene from the first day of the shutdown: frail-looking men — at least one of whom hadn’t been to Washington since the war — led by jubilant Republican Congress members and television crews as a bagpiper played 'Shenandoah.'"
Today, the Obama Administration is actually threatening hostile action against WWII Veterans from America's greatest generation. Reports suggest that the National Park Service told Toledo Honor Flight Vets they'll be "arrested" if they visit the WWII Memorial.

This is how far Democrats are willing to go. President Obama and Harry Reid are willing to arrest veterans of World War II. Why?

The current position of Democrats in Washington is to vote against and veto Republican bills to open monuments and national parks, then to arrest veterans who try to visit them. That is disgraceful.

As the Weekly Standard's Stephen Hayes asks, "After the confrontation w/WWII vets at the memorial yesterday, someone in the federal government made a decision to escalate. Key question: Who?"

Demand Answers.

Stand with our veterans.
Brad Dayspring | October 02, 2013 |
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