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Unlike her opponent, Gary Peters, Terri Lynn Land's main focus is creating jobs in Michigan.

When Congressman Peters ran the Michigan lottery, for example, he allowed a state contract to be outsourced to China.

Terri Lynn Land's plan is the exact opposite. She supports putting Michigan first and making sure jobs are available in the state.

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Michael Lehmann | July 23, 2014 |

On July 11th, Joni Ernst left the campaign trail to serve two weeks of active duty in the Iowa National Guard.

Ernst's campaign has not missed a beat, though, during her deployment. Hundreds of individuals have volunteered countless hours to support her.

From people like Senator Chuck Grassley and Governor Bobby Jindal, to local volunteers, people are gathering from all over to go "on duty for Joni."

Check out photos of her surging campaign, and start using her viral Twitter hashtag, #OnDutyForJoni!

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Bill Murphy | July 23, 2014 |

This morning, a column by National Journal's Josh Kraushaar highlights Republicans' momentum:

"There's plenty of race-by-race evidence to suggest that most contests are trending in a Republican direction. Over the past several months, the Iowa and Colorado Senate races have turned from long shots to promising Republican pickup opportunities. ... And there isn't much evidence that red-state Democrats have gained ground in recent months, either."
Other than a strong field of Republican candidates, what is driving this surge of support? We have an answer: competency.

A recent panel on Chuck Todd's Morning Rundown featured three Washington bureau chiefs for major newspapers. They all questioned President Obama's competency and explained how his recent struggles could hurt Democrats at the polls.

Mediaite reported Todd's criticism of the Obama administration:

“'You can see that 30-second TV ad,' Todd said. 'You start with the health care rollout, you go to the VA, you go to Syria, you go to Iraq, and you can go to the border. You can draw a straight line.'"
Mediaite then reflected on Todd's comments,

"We’ll see if some clever RNC ad-maker directly quotes Todd in some November 2014 TV spot."
NOTE: You can count on it.

Last week, Politico reported that many Americans distrust Obama's ability to run a competent administration:

"Only 44 percent of Americans say Obama is able to get things done, compared with 53 percent who say he isn’t. His scores on both questions were comparable to Bush’s numbers in 2006. The president has faced criticism regarding his administrative skills and competence in light of scandals or other problems at the Department of Veterans Affairs, National Security Agency and other departments in his administration."
We've made the case — for a year now — that Democrats on the ballot suffer from a crisis of competence (and credibility).

Fresh polling data from Paragon Insights bolster this claim:

  • By a 57-35% margin, voters say the Obama administration has not done a good job of running the federal government. Among independent voters, the number is even more pronounced, 64-26%. The change is negligible when President Obama himself is separated from his administration.

  • By a 58-30% margin, voters say that Senate Democrats have not fulfilled their mission to enact legislation in the best interests of the country. By a 66-17% margin, independent voters agree.

  • By a 50-40% margin, voters identify more with the generic anti-Obama statement, "The Obama Administration lacks the competence to effectively run the federal government," than the generic Democratic message, "Republicans in Washington have forced our government to grind to a halt."

  • A number that will make Democrats cringe is that both male (53-39%) and female (48-41%) voters agree more with the first message (critical of Obama's competence) than the second (critical of GOP).

    A recent Quinnipiac poll supports the Paragon data. The Quinnipiac results reveal that 54% of voters believe that the Obama administration is incompetent. This finding is consistent with Quinnipiac's previous polls throughout Obama's second term.

    It is clear that voters are craving competence. They don't expect government to do everything right, but they have had enough of it doing everything wrong under Democratic control.

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    Bill Murphy | July 23, 2014 |

    Bruce Braley does not seem to have his priorities in order. Last week, it was reported that he missed 78% of Veterans' Affairs Committee hearings in 2011 and 2012.

    When asked why Braley missed these important meetings, his spokesman replied that he was busy with "other responsibilities."

    Last night, we found out more about Braley's priorities — fundraisers, fundraisers and... fundraisers!

    In fact, the Des Moines Register reported that Braley skipped an important Veterans’ Affairs Committee meeting on disabled veterans on the same day he attended not one, not two, but THREE political fundraisers.

    Here are the fundraisers Braley made time for on the same day he missed the Veteran's Affairs Committee meeting:

  • 8:30am - 9:30am: Johnny's Half Shell at a $2,500 per plate breakfast

  • 12pm: $1,000 per person lunch at DC law firm, DLA Piper

  • 6:00pm - 7:30pm: Reception on K Street for $2,500 a person

  • Now, the Braley campaign is making excuses for their absence at the Veterans Affairs Committee.

    They claim he attended an Oversight Committee hearing during the same time -- 10:19 AM EDT and 11:54 AM EDT. Problem is, C-SPAN footage of Government Oversight hearing that Braley's staff claimed he was at (you know, as an excuse for missing the Veteran's Committee Hearing) clearly shows that the Congressman was not seated in his chair during the entire hearing.

    Click here for more screenshots from the Government Oversight hearing.

    Review of the official transcript of the hearing shows he said absolutely nothing.

    So where was Bruce Braley? His excuses have only left us with more questions (via Iowa GOP):

  • Did Bruce Braley actually attend this hearing?

  • What time did Bruce Braley arrive at the House Oversight hearing?

  • Is there a reason that Bruce Braley decided not to speak at this hearing?

  • How long did Bruce Braley attend this hearing for?

  • Assuming that Bruce Braley was at this hearing, at what time did he depart from the hearing?

  • Does Bruce Braley really attend his committee hearings in Washington or does he check some box to fool voters back in Iowa that he's doing his job?

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    Bill Murphy | July 23, 2014 |
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    Paid for by the National Republican Senatorial Committee. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee. www.NRSC.org