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Democrats were dishonest when they promised that everyone could keep their health plans if they liked them, and as a result at least 3.5 million people are stunned to lose their plans. If Democrats claims that they was telling the truth when they made that false promise, they either didn't read the legislation or lacks the competence to hold public office. Either way these Democrats’ credibility is rapidly evaporating.

1) Mark Begich - Alaska

“Simply, no matter what you read, what you see on TV in these ads, how people hype it up on talk radio, the reality is that if you got an insurance plan now, you like it, you keep it. That’s yours. You can do whatever you want. You want to change, there will be options. But what you have, you can keep. If you have a doctor you like, keep your doctor.”
(“Begich: If You Like Your Plan You Can Keep It,” www.youtube.com, Uploaded 11/1/13)

2) Mary Landrieu - Louisiana

“He told people if you have – if you like the insurance that you have, you’ll be able to keep it.”
(MSNBC’s “Hardball,” 12/16/09) (11:48 mark)

3) Mark Pryor - Arkansas

“I think what business wants to know is, what’s the bottom line on health care coverage? Are we gonna be able to stick with our plan? The answer is yes.”
(Arkansas Business, “U.S. Senator Mark Pryor On Healthcare Reform,” www.youtube.com, Uploaded 9/28/12)

4) Kay Hagan - North Carolina

“I think the key here is if you’ve got health insurance in our country you keep it. Whatever we do I don’t want to dismantle any system where people are happy with the coverage that they have. Well actually a lot of people are happy and so I think we’ve got to be sure that that stays in place.”
(Sen. Kay Hagan, “Hagan Remarks At HCAN Town Hall,” Uploaded 6/30/09) (7:13 mark)

5) Jeff Merkley - Oregon

Oregonians "are going to be able to keep the doctor they have because the goal isn’t to change that. If they have a plan they like, we want them to be able to keep that."
(KGW NewsChannel 8 @ Sunrise, 7/1/09)

6) Jeanne Shaheen - New Hampshire

“The Health Care Plan We Are Working On In Congress Will Let People Keep Their Doctor And Their Insurance Plan If They Like It, expand coverage options for people that need it, and stabilize costs for families, businesses and our economy. I look forward to continuing the effort and to achieve comprehensive health care reform that works for all Americans.” (Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, “Shaheen Discusses Health Care With New Hampshire Seniors,” Press Release, 8/21/09)

7) Mark Udall - Colorado
Mark Udall
“If You Have An Insurance Policy You Like, Doctor Or Medical Facility That Provides Medical Services To You, You’ll Be Able To Keep That Doctor Or That Insurance Policy.”
(Christina Salvo, “Sen. Mark Udall Talks On Health Care Reform,” KXRM, 9/2/09)

8) Dick Durbin - Illinois

“First and foremost, it stays true to the President’s call that if you like what you have, you can keep it."
(Sen. Dick Durbin, “Durbin: Senate-Passed Health Care Bill Provides Quality, Affordable Coverage For Additional 1.1 Million Illinoisans,” Press Release, 1/5/10)

9) Mark Warner - Virginia

"I'm not going to support a healthcare reform plan that's going to take away the healthcare you've got right now or a healthcare plan that you like."
(“Mark Warner: Can I Keep My Health Insurance?,” www.youtube.com, Uploaded 8/10/09)

10) Gary Peters - Michigan

"If you’re covered and you like your insurance, you can keep it."
(Kathleen Gray, “Peters Queried, Not Booed, Over Health Care,” Detroit Free Press, 8/20/09)

11) Bruce Braley - Iowa
ObamaCare would "allow Americans to maintain their choice of health insurance."
(Rep. Bruce Braley, “Braley Statement on House Passage of Health Care Reform,” Press Release, 3/21/10)
Bill Murphy | November 15, 2013 |
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Paid for by NRSC. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee. www.NRSC.org