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This week, Senator Mary Landrieu took to the Senate floor to reassure Louisianans of her unwavering support for ObamaCare. And if you don't like it, she says "unelect" her.

"....We did not wake up one morning and declare this the law. The people of the United States declared this through us as their Representatives. If they do not like it, they can unelect us. Believe me, they will have a great chance because I am up for reelection right now. They will be able to do that. But that is the way you do it."

...Contrary to popular belief and what FOX News said, people here read the bills. For 40 years we read the bills. But we did not have to read the bills; all we had to do was look at the faces of kids dying of cancer who had no way to get cured...I don't need to read a bill. I listen to my constituents. That is what this is about."
Landrieu stands defiant of the facts and the wishes of her constituents.

Fact is: More than 60% of Louisianans oppose ObamaCare. It will impact middle-class Louisianans across the state: from the employers who are forced to cut workers and hours to avoid higher costs; to Louisianans in the individual insurance market, where the costs of the average plan will increase $1,176 a year.

Landrieu refuses to believe it.

We need to change course from the failed liberal policies like Mary Landrieu's ObamaCare. Join our effort to build a better future for our country.
Bill Murphy | October 19, 2013 |
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