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Did Mary Landrieu's new ad seem a bit fishy to you?

You may have wondered why you never saw this "television" clip above. That's because it was fake.

Mary Landrieu decided it would be best to show how hard she was fighting for Louisiana families by acting out a committee hearing.

I'm not joking. Everything was "hilariously" recreated. Even Landrieu's dramatic reading was redone to show her so-called outrage.

But what you haven't heard today is that this isn't Mary Landrieu's first time trying her hand in the acting game. Check out the five performances you may have missed over the years:

A Few Good Actors

Mary Landrieu Can't Handle the Truth, at least not according to a recent WaPo Fact Check of Harry Reid Majority PAC television ad run on her behalf.

Election 2014

Vote for Mary! A 17 year record of lying to constituents.

Legally DC

This actually happened in real life.

Swamp Wars

The Force isn't with the Jedi Mary Landrieu, who has voted with President Obama 97% of the time while representing a state where his approval rating is in the low thirties.

No Good Will Landrieu

Mary Landrieu used her position in the Senate to help super lobbyists like Tony Podesta and her husband get rich in Washington, losing all good will from the folks in Louisiana.

Louisianans are seeing through Mary Landrieu's full-time role as a moderate Senator. After November, someone will need to get her a SAG Card for her performance.

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Bill Murphy | April 15, 2014 |
A new report by KSTP (Minneapolis/St. Paul) acknowledged that keeping Minnesota Democrats like Al Franken in office will be a “big challenge” come November.

The Minneapolis/St. Paul newscast detailed that a new poll shows a clear majority disapproves of President Obama and Larry Jacobs from the University of Minnesota Humphrey School of Public Affairs noted that Franken’s ties to the unpopular President are “possibly fatal.”

KSTP reports that the last thing Franken needs is a “drag on his re-election bid” like President Obama.

This will likely send shockwaves through the Franken campaign. After all, Al Franken has been one of President Obama’s most loyal proxies in the Senate – voting a perfect 100% of the time with Obama. And, while Al Franken celebrates Tax Day, it’s worth highlighting his record as a tax-and-spend liberal. Franken has even gone so far as to vote for ObamaCare, which included a wildly unpopular 2.3% medical device tax. When given the opportunity, Franken doubled down voting NO on an amendment to remove the tax.

President Obama’s disastrous agenda is Al Franken’s agenda. It’s no wonder Larry Jacobs commented that “Al Franken is beatable.”

Minnesotans are recognizing the devastating effects of Al Franken’s policies that are crippling to families, workers, and businesses across Minnesota. Al Franken’s agenda is Barack Obama’s agenda and his blind allegiance to the President will doom him come November. Minnesotans deserve a Senator that will stand up for their best interests and not the liberal Obama agenda.
Brook Hougesen | April 15, 2014 |

There's a lot being written today about how Mary Landrieu actually did a dramatic reading for a fake committee hearing in a fake committee room featuring her "outraged" questioning of a fake witness before the fake committee. The fake hearing was then seemingly covered by a fake TV broadcast all within the same television ad.

Putting aside the desperation of a sitting Senator actually trying to act out this scene, our friends at the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee are quoted saying that no one is challenging the substance of the Landrieu ad.

Please allow us to directly challenge the substance of the ad.

First, the entire premise of the ad is that Mary Landrieu is tough on the Obama Administration, which is blatantly false. In fact, Mary Landrieu has actually voted with President Obama a staggering 97% of the time in a state where his approval rating is in the low 30's and he lost to Mitt Romney by seventeen points.

Second, the ad attacks the deepwater offshore drilling moratorium from 2010. But if you look at Landrieu’s two interviews the day the Obama Administration announced the moratorium, Landrieu basically said she supports it.

She told NBC Chuck Todd that she told Salazar “a pause on the deep-water drilling is very important until we can build confidence that it can be done safely.”

And she told Fox News she was “in favor of a crackdown on deepwater drilling and a pause to make sure that we can do this safely.”

Brad Dayspring | April 15, 2014 |
This past weekend, the people of Colorado nominated Cory Gardner to be their candidate for the United States Senate. He rocked the arena!

Check out our latest video, highlighting his nomination and be sure to share with your family and friends.

Matt Lira | April 15, 2014 |
If you are a Democrat, you are probably already celebrating Tax Day. It's a day that liberals in Washington have circled on their calendar. For the rest of us, today feels more a root canal than a holiday.

Every year, on April 15th, Democrats are able to see all their hard work pay off for their their big spending ways. It's when millions of working Americans send their income tax to Uncle Sam.

Of course, your income isn't the only part of your life the Democrats want to tax. Some would say that given the opportunity, there isn't anything you do that the Democrats won't tax.

Here's a list of the 10 worst tax offenses by Democrats running for Senate this year:

1) The Family Farm

With the Death Tax set to lapse in December 2009, Bruce Braley voted to make the 45% tax (with a $3.5 million exemption) permanent.

Remember, Bruce Braley is not a big fan of farmers.

2) Carbon Emissions

(Photo credit: VaderSS)

Mark Begich voted in favor of establishing a new tax on carbon emissions in 2013.

Saying one thing to Alaskans and voting the opposite when in Washington.

3) Medical Devices For Veterans

(Photo credit: Billy Hathorn)

Mark Warner voted against exempting medical devices for veterans from the medical device tax.

Not even our nation's veterans are spared by the Democrats' tax agenda.

4) Senior Citizens' Social Security Benefits

Mark Pryor voted against repealing the 1993 social security benefits tax increase.

That's the wrong way, Senator.

5) Parents

Mary Landrieu voted against tax cuts that increased the child tax credit to $1,000 in 2003.

This is not how Louisiana families would do it.

6) Married People

(Photo credit: Kevin Dooley)

Mark Udall voted against eliminating the marriage penalty. The move would cut taxes for married couples an estimated $89.9 billion over 5 years.

Nothing to see here, folks.

7) Sales

(Photo credit: Ben Schumin)

As Governor, Jeanne Shaheen proposed a new 2.5% sales tax in New Hampshire.

It's cool because it's to "protect families" and "won't harm the economy."

8) Pacemakers

Al Franken voted for Obamacare, which included a 2.3% medical device tax. When given the opportunity, he also voted NO on an amendment to remove the tax.

Americans that need this life-saving technology think he's a real boob.

9) Energy

Gary Peters voted for a national energy tax/cap-and-trade bill, which was estimated to raise revenues by nearly $846 billion and spend $821 billion giving away emissions credits.

At the time, the Wall Street Journal said it was “the biggest tax in American history.” Nothing to smile about.

10) Gasoline

Jeff Merkley voted to increase Oregon's gas tax by 5 cents in 1999.

Taking the food out of your mouth for bigger government spending.

Democrats haven't met a tax they didn't like. On Tax Day, help put a stop to their reckless tax and spend agenda. Contribute to a Republican Senate majority in 2014.

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Bill Murphy | April 15, 2014 |
Chuck Schumer promised after Obamacare was signed into law that the more that people learned about it, the more popular it would become.

He accused those who warned that some would lose preferred doctors and insurance plans of lying. He predicted that by November 2010,

"those who voted for health care will find it an asset, those who voted against it will find it a liability.”
Democrats went on to lose a net 63 seats in the House and six seats in the Senate.

Just about four years after that infamous interview, Schumer was back at it. He promised just last month,

"Over the next several months, the ACA is going to become less important as a Republican campaign issue, because more and more Americans, from young adults all the way up through seniors, are realizing the benefits it has to offer.”
Now, six months before the midterm elections, the Washington Post reports that Democrats smell an electoral disaster headed their way.

It sounds like that four years in, Chuck Schumer has recognized that Obamacare is a political loser for Democrats.

“Look at this week. This week, the talk is pay equity, not ACA. We won’t have every week like that, but we’ll have more and more weeks like that because we’re talking about things that people really care about. We’re at a turning point. . . . These last few weeks have been sort of a game-changer. I think that the day when Obamacare will be the only dominant message is over.”
There's a reason Schumer wants to pretend Americans don't care about Obamacare. As Gallup reports,

"With the open enrollment period for obtaining health insurance through a federal government exchange now over, Americans' views on the broader healthcare law remain more negative than positive. Currently, 43% approve and 54% disapprove of the law." Equally as concerning for Democrats is that, "Independents disapprove of the law by 65% to 32%, and 53% believe the law will make the healthcare situation worse compared with 26% who say better."
This comes on the heels of a USA TODAY/Pew Research poll which revealed,

"more than eight in 10 registered voters say a candidate's stance on the law will be an important factor in determining their vote. A 54% majority call it very important. By 2-1, those who rate the issue as very important disapprove of the law."
No wonder Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer are desperate and trying to change the subject. Their problem is that likely voters in 2014 don't want to.

Add your name to the growing list of Americans telling Congress to dismantle Obamacare!

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Bill Murphy | April 14, 2014 |

Democrats will try to claim that Secretary Sebelius' resignation is a sign that Obamacare has won.

No seriously, they will.

Back on planet Earth, progressives like Rachel Maddow can see the writing on the wall. Maddow was so upset that she compared the resignation to a victorious sports team that “stops halfway through their victory lap to fire the coach.”


Putting aside the sports analogy, Maddow's broader point seems spot on. The confirmation process is likely to focus on all the Obamacare related disasters over the last several years. From the broken promises to its failed implementation. From the real number of enrollees to unilateral decisions by the Administration to delay the most painful aspects of the law.

Conservative Ben Domenech writes,

"it appears that this resignation presents Republicans with a golden opportunity to reignite their crusade against Obamacare with Sylvia Burwell’s nomination as a proxy for all the problems with the law."
Susan Crabtree agrees.

"Burwell will be forced to confront an onslaught of questions about the law's future from Republicans as well as Democrats angered over the disastrous rollout's impact on their re-election chances. Americans want to know how many enrollees have actually paid their premiums, whether more people will lose the plans they had and liked, and whether premiums and deductibles will continue to shoot up in the months ahead."
Democrats will now face tremendous pressure to provide specifics about Obamacare. That's something that they've repeatedly tried to avoid.

Things had gotten so bad with Obamacare that CBS anchor Jan Crawford commented that it was remarkable that Sebelius wasn't fired earlier.

Peter Suderman writes that,

"For the last four years, Sebelius has been the face of Obamacare, and the New York Times story on her exit strongly implies that, while she wasn’t technically fired, she left at least in part because the administration had lost confidence in her ability to deliver following the spectacularly botched rollout of Healthcare.gov last fall. Even the statement by White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough on her replacement, current Office of Management and Budget Chief Syliva Burwell, sounds more like a knife in the back than a fond farewell."
Sebelius' resignation comes while the public remains extremely negative about Obamacare. A USA Today/Pew Research survey taken last week showed that just 39.8% favor of the law while 52.2% oppose it.

The intensity, of course, is with the opposition. NRSC Chairman Jerry Moran highlighted the big problem for Democrats like Mary Landrieu, Mark Pryor and Kay Hagan.

“Even though Secretary Sebelius will be gone, every promise the President made about Obamacare – if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor; health care costs will be lowered; and if you like your health plan you can keep it – will remain broken.

Changing the Secretary won’t change the problem – a disaster is still a disaster."
Senate Democrats own the Obamacare disaster. Unlike Secretary Sebelius, the voters will make the decision on their retirement.

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Bill Murphy | April 11, 2014 |
A new poll has been released by Opinion Research Associates. It is pure hogwash.

The poll supposedly shows Mark Pryor leading challenger Tom Cotton by ten points, but a deeper dive into the topline tells a different story. This race remains a dead heat for all intents and purposes.

First, the partisan make-up of the poll is wildly off base when compared to any other public polling done this year in Arkansas or to the 2010 exit polls. This ORA instrument (which has only 400 respondents collected over a relatively long time period of a week), is 33% Democrat and only 21% Republican. In 2010, Democrats had only a five point advantage on Election Day (34% D – 29% R), and other public polls are around this range (D+3, D+4, D+5).

A seven-point difference on the ballot would put the head-to-head well within this polls substantial (+/-5%) margin of error. A statistical tie.

More interestingly, the ballot language of this poll identifies the candidates as “the incumbent Senator Mark Pryor” and “the challenger, Congressman Tom Cotton.” This is interesting because on an actual ballot, the candidates will not be identified as “Senator” and “Challenger,” but rather as “Democrat” and “Republican.” This small difference could have a potentially huge impact in a state that Romney won with 61% to Obama’s 37%, and where Obama has unfav/disapproval numbers in the mid-60s according to three public polls.

According to the most recent public poll that asked more questions than just the ballot, 66% of voters know enough about Cotton to have an opinion, while 84% know enough about Pryor. That Cotton still has so many voters to which he will introduce himself over the course of the campaign, and he is already at parity with Pryor on the ballot, is a strong sign of his Election Day potential.

Taken together, it is clear that little has changed in this race. Mark Pryor remains the most vulnerable incumbent in the Senate, and Tom Cotton is well positioned to take his Senate seat.

Help Republicans take back the Senate in 2014.

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Ward Baker | April 10, 2014 |

Journalists and pundits are outraged by the federal abuses of power.

From a prominent political strategist:

"He and his allies embarked on a campaign of political retribution the likes of which we haven't seen since Richard Nixon."
"I've seen [him] turn a blind eye as his henchmen have leveled zealous attacks against his political enemies--assaults which the president himself has sometimes directly encouraged."
Another nationally known columnist agreed.

"Most of the abuses involved using the power of government to reward political friends and punish political enemies."

These weren't reactions to the latest news on the IRS scandal.

"Internal Revenue Service employees urged callers to vote for President Obama, disparaged Republicans in conversations with taxpayers and wore pro-Obama swag at work during the 2012 election cycle,"

Or Lois Lerner.

"Former IRS director Lois Lerner, the center figure in the scandal surrounding conservative and Tea Party groups once joked about getting a job with Organizing for Action while investigating the reorganization of President Obama’s former campaign operation into a 501(c)(4) group."
Nor were they reactions to reports about Rep. Cummings.

"The top Democrat on a House committee tasked with investigating the IRS scandal (Elijah Cummings) may have been involved in the targeting of a Texas-based conservative group."
Nope. The pundits quoted in the first paragraph were Paul Begala and Paul Krugman complaining about the Bush Administration in 2009 and 2004, respectively.

Where is the journalistic outrage today?

The Wall Street Journal explains,

"The most troubling new evidence are documents showing that Ms. Lerner actively corresponded with liberal campaign-finance groups Democracy 21 and the Campaign Legal Center, which had asked the IRS to investigate if conservative groups including Crossroads GPS were violating their tax-exempt status. After personally meeting with the two liberal outfits, Ms. Lerner contacted the director of the Exempt Organizations Examinations Unit in Dallas to ask why Crossroads had not been audited."

"In January 2013 Ms. Lerner asked her staff to examine five conservative groups that the website ProPublica had called 'controversial dark money groups,' including Americans for Responsible Leadership, Freedom Path, Rightchange.com, America is Not Stupid, and A Better America. Four of those five groups ultimately got the IRS deluxe scrutiny treatment and three were audited. The new documents also suggest that Ms. Lerner was evasive in her answers when Treasury's Inspector General began investigating complaints of conservative targeting."
As former White House Counsel C. Boyden Gray writes this morning,

"Lois Lerner willfully and knowingly exposed herself to a contempt vote."
Just a few months ago, President Obama promised a national television audience that when it came to the IRS, there was, "Not Even A Smidgen Of Corruption," before blaming Fox News for the problem.

That promise, it turns out, was blatantly false. In light of that, it seems worth asking what President Obama and his team knew, and when did they know it?

Help us elect Republicans and hold the Obama Administration accountable. Donate today.

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Bill Murphy | April 10, 2014 |

New emails released by the House Oversight Committee show that Lois Lerner was not just directing her IRS staff to target conservative groups.

Lois Lerner was pitching her services to President Obama's 2012 political operation, Organizing For America!

Is this how American's should expect an employee of the IRS to act?

Lois Lerner was plotting her next career move with OFA while putting conservatives through the ringer. This should be completely unacceptable to all Americans.

Until now, Democrats have been quick to protect Lerner and the White House from the IRS' politically motivated attacks. That may soon change.

Also released in today's emails were communications with the House Oversight Committee's Ranking Democrat, Elijah Cummings and the IRS. Katie Pavlich has the story.

New IRS emails released by the House Oversight Committee show staff working for Democratic Ranking Member Elijah Cummings communicated with the IRS multiple times between 2012 and 2013 about voter fraud prevention group True the Vote. True the Vote was targeted by the IRS after applying for tax exempt status more than two years ago. Further, information shows the IRS and Cummings' staff asked for nearly identical information from True the Vote President Catherine Engelbrecht about her organization, indicating coordination and improper sharing of confidential taxpayer information.
Until today, Cummings has denied contacting the IRS about True the Vote. He's even gone so far as to label the investigation of the IRS targeting conservatives a "witch hunt."


The American people deserve better from their Representatives and career bureaucrats like Lois Lerner.

Help us elect Republican Senators to hold President Obama and the White House accountable. Donate today.

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Bill Murphy | April 09, 2014 |
Paid for by the National Republican Senatorial Committee.
Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee. www.NRSC.org
Paid for by the National Republican Senatorial Committee. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee. www.NRSC.org