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Obama's Rubberstamps

Is Dick Durbin the greatest whip in recent political history or Democrats on the ballot in 2014 are automatic rubber stamps for the Obama agenda?

Either way, it's bad news politically for Democrats come November.

In the top fifteen battleground states in 2014, President Obama's approval rating averages in the mid-thirties, yet the Democratic candidates running for Senate in those states have voted with President Obama an average 94% of the time.

That's a problem - especially for those who claim to be "independent voices" - like Mark Warner (97%), Mark Pryor (90%), Mark Udall (99%), Kay Hagan (96%), Mary Landrieu (97%), Mark Begich (97%) and Jeanne Shaheen (99%). Whether voting for Obamacare despite the objection of voters in their states, or continually voting to raise spending despite promising not to, blind support for the Obama agenda is devastating to these Democrats' reelection hopes.

It remains a mystery how Democrats will achieve reelection with these numbers.

Voters don't like the bad laws that have come out of Washington over the past 6 years. The incumbents above have been there for every single vote and, in almost every case, simply rubber stamped them - forcing their constituents to live with them.

We must put a stop to the liberal Obama agenda by electing a Republican majority in the Senate that will finally hold the President accountable.

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Bill Murphy | April 04, 2014 |
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