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In politics, momentum matters, and Republicans have clear momentum heading into the spring. Democrats have touted their fundraising advantage as a reason that they will win in 2014, but that narrative is eroding. This morning, the NRSC was proud to announce that with the help of supporters across the country seeking a change in Washington, we were able to raise $4.62 million in January, our best month this election cycle.

In the 4th quarter of 2013, combined, Republican candidates in MT, SD, MI, WV, AK, LA, NC, AR out raised their Democratic counterparts.

But that's not all.

Here's seven pieces you may have missed about the great opportunity Republicans have to capture the Senate this November.

1) Mojo is Back, GOP Confident in Senate Takeover: Republicans feel like they’re finally getting their mojo back. Emboldened by the president’s weak poll numbers, the botched Obamacare rollout and a still-sputtering economy, GOP donors and operatives are increasingly bullish about their prospects in the midterm election — most of all capturing the Senate. Seats that a year ago looked like sure bets for Democrats now have the makings of real races — in states such as Michigan, Virginia, and, if former Republican Sen. Scott Brown runs, New Hampshire.

2) Democrats in Denial Over Obamacare: Supporters of the health care law are convinced they can defend themselves on the issue. Don't bet on it. (National Journal)

3) The Numbers That Scare Senate Democrats: Voting with Obama 97% of the time is going to end some careers. (Wall Street Journal)

4) People like to hang out with winners: "People like to hang out with winners and it feels right now as though Republicans — unlike the early part of last year — have found their sea legs and have a bit of wind at their back."

5) CBO Report Exposes Another Democrat Lie: "The Worst Headline for Democrats this Year": Republicans have made quite clear that they will do everything they can to make the 2014 election a referendum on Obamacare and, more broadly, President Obama. And this CBO report gives them a major arrow in that quiver. Democrats need to find an effective response -- and fast. (Washington Post)

6) 6 Signs a Republican Senate Takeover Is Within Reach: Republican gains and President Obama's weakness have Democrats on their heels, preparing to fight for Senate seats they never thought they would have to defend and hoping that 2016 will give them a chance to win back the Senate if they lose it next year. What's changed in the past month is that a handful of states once thought to be safely Democratic—such as Michigan, Oregon, and Virginia—could become highly competitive in a best-case GOP scenario. If President Obama's approval ratings don't improve and Republicans catch a few breaks, the GOP could ride a wave to a majority that could withstand a small 2016 setback.

7) GOP Leads on 2014 Senate Map: Republicans 49, Democrats 48, 3 Tossups

Momentum is on our side but we can't win without your support. Please donate to ensure we have the resources to win back the majority this November!

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Bill Murphy | February 18, 2014 |
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