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According to a new poll this morning, seniors are furious with ObamaCare's cuts to Medicare - and they are blaming Democrats.

By a 53-47% margin, voters trust Republicans on Medicare over Democrats. Further, a majority of voters believe that ObamaCare will hurt Medicare while just 20% believe that the controversial health care overhaul will improve it.

For vulnerable Democrats, perhaps the most terrifying number in the survey is 90% - the percentage of voters who say that a cancelled Medicare Advantage Plan would be one of the most important issues in determining their vote in the upcoming 2014 midterm elections.

Another 88% say that losing access to medical providers and preferred doctors/hospitals through Medicare would either be THE most important issue in the 2014 elections or one of the most important.

Further, 94% of seniors are either satisfied or very satisfied with their Medicare Advantage plan.

This morning, the NRSC teamed up with the RNC and NRCC on a joint memo on the Obama administration's dangerous proposal "to cut payment rates to insurers who administer Medicare Advantage, highlighting a potentially damaging report for Democrats among seniors ahead of this year's midterm elections."

Obama's plan to cut Medicare Advantage rates by 3.55% comes on top of a 6% cut that already took place this year - meaning many seniors will be hit by a 10% cut to the benefits and services over a short period of time. These cuts are due to be finalized April 7th and will affect 30% of all Medicare recipients – or 16 million seniors – enrolled in the program.

The reason is simple: ObamaCare robs Medicare Advantage by $156 billion.

"This reality is harmful to our senior citizens and is a political nightmare for Democrats. President Obama’s approval ratings are collapsing in swing Congressional Districts and top Senate races and ObamaCare is weighing Democrats down among key demographics they relied on in 2012. Seniors are among the most reliable voters in the 2014 electorate. This is a headache Democrats and their candidates cannot afford but cannot avoid, as it only threatens to highlight ObamaCare as a dominant issue in 2014."
This is particularly damaging for 2014 Democrats.

Democrats promised their constituents that ObamaCare wouldn't cut Medicare at all. In fact, they said it would strengthen it.

Now, as ObamaCare is fully implemented, voters in key battleground states – including seniors – see the law for the failure it is. The Democrats’ broken promises are meeting a harsh reality.

Deceiving seniors about Medicare isn't the first lie that Democrats told about ObamaCare, but it serves as the latest reminder that voters can't trust them to keep their word.

Sign the petition to hold Democrats accountable for their ObamaCare lies.

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Bill Murphy | February 26, 2014 |
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