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We hope our Democratic friends enjoyed themselves at the White House Correspondents Dinner Saturday. They woke to some tough news from a new USA Today & Pew survey.

"Democrats hoping improvements in the economy's course and the Affordable Care Act's implementation would level the playing field for November's elections should brace themselves. A nationwide USA TODAY/Pew Research Center Poll shows the strongest tilt to Republican candidates at this point in a midterm year in at least two decades, including before partisan "waves" in 1994 and 2010 that swept the GOP into power."
Not even Joel McHale could provide such a cutting punchline.

Election Day is six months away, but the poll's revelations are devastating for Democrats:

Obama Weaker Than Ever

Barack Obama’s political standing is in some respects weaker than it was at a comparable point in the 2010 campaign. If you recall, 2010 ended with the Republicans gaining a majority in the House.

GOP Up On Generic Ballot

47% of registered voters support the Republican candidate in their district or lean Republican, while 43% favor the Democratic candidate or lean Democratic. The trend over the past six months in the so-called generic ballot shows that Democrats have lost ground.

The 4-percentage-point edge may seem small, but it's notable because Democrats traditionally fare better among registered voters than they do among those who actually cast ballots, especially in low-turnout midterms.

Voters Against The President

26% of voters see their vote as a vote against the president than the 16% who say it will be for him.

Democrats Are Depressed

Obama inspires far less enthusiasm among Democratic voters than he did four years ago. Only three-in-ten Democratic voters (31%) think of their vote as being “for” the president.

Independents Side With GOP

Independent voters are 16 points more likely to say they plan to vote Republican (49%) than Democratic (33%) in the midterm.

Economic Pessimism

About as many say that economic conditions will be worse (24%) as better (25%) a year from now, with 49% predicting little change. Asked to describe the economic recovery, 66% say the economy is recovering but not so strongly. Twenty-Six percent say the economy isn’t recovering at all.

Obamacare As Unpopular As Ever

The uptick in signups for the new health care exchanges has had little impact on public opinion about the Affordable Care Act. In fact, the share disapproving of the law (55%) is as high as it ever has been in the four-year history of the law. Just 41% approve of the 2010 health care law.

As Washington returns to normal from the pseudo-celebrity intrusion, these sobering numbers are sure to spark a bit of a panic call between Democrats.

If you thought your hangover was bad, just imagine what Senate Democrats are feeling like.

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Bill Murphy | May 05, 2014 |
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