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Over the last year, we have said that 2014 Democrats face a competence and credibility gap with voters.

From Kay Hagan to Mark Begich, Jeanne Shaheen to Mark Udall, these Democrats have proven to voters time and again that they simply cannot be trusted - either because of bad judgment or failure to keep their word.

Poll after poll shows that in key Senate battlegrounds, Independents are overwhelming breaking to Republicans (48-28%).

The increasingly long list of scandals, crisis and government incompetence, (from Benghazi to the IRS, ObamaCare to the debt, Bergdahl to negotiating with the Taliban, the VA to the situation in Iraq) have created an extremely toxic environment for Democrats.

As The Weekly Standard’s Jay Cost writes:

“The crush of events has shown the president to be desperately out of his depth. Both incompetent and factious, he lacks the mettle and the inclination to manage the affairs of state in the public interest. His allies should not be allowed to control any branch of government. He should be isolated to minimize the damage he can do in his last two years in office. If the people want Obama stopped, the only means is the GOP. Anything else is, for all intents and purposes, a vote for Obama.”
Across the country, voters know that a vote for Jeanne Shaheen or Mark Udall would mean a vote for President Obama’s agenda, which they no longer support.

Cost continues

“This attack will not play in California or New York, but it may help move the needle in those seven Republican states with Senate races, not to mention in Colorado and Iowa, and maybe Michigan, New Hampshire, and Virginia.”
A year ago, no one was talking about our chances in Colorado, Iowa, Michigan, New Hampshire, or Virginia. These states - and the strong Republican candidates running - are just some of the many examples as to why Republicans are increasingly well positioned to win the Senate Majority.

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Bill Murphy | June 23, 2014 |
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