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"Democrats can dismiss Benghazi and the IRS as pseudo-scandals, maybe, but 40 veterans have died, and where has Obama been? Totally absent."
Writes Daily Beast columnist Ron Christie.

The White House has admitted that President Barack Obama first learned about the Veterans Affairs medical facility in Phoenix from news reports.

Jay Carney seems completely incapable of explaining exactly how the White House is holding people accountable for the VA scandal.

Our nation and its government have a responsibility to our veterans.

This horrible scandal is another egregious sign of an inept and incompetent government run by Democrats over the last five years.

There's a huge difference between talking about change and administering change. Democrats like Mark Udall have failed miserably at the latter. Voters are tired of a dysfunctional and dishonest government.

Seeing it manifest itself in a way that harms veterans who've sacrificed so much is a disgrace.

As John Fund explains, there are lessons in the VA scandal for the rest of us if Obamacare survives.

· The first lesson is that as government expands taxpayer subsidies for health care, the demand will always outstrip supply.

· Obamacare will dramatically expand access to the health-care system at the same time that many surveys show doctors are likely to retire or cut back their hours. It is almost inevitable that we’ll see more waiting-list scandals as the need to ration care grows.

· It shows just how bad things can get when the pressure of patient demand and waiting lists affects bureaucratic behavior. As many as 40 veterans reportedly died at a Phoenix veterans’ facility because they couldn’t get the care they needed.

VA administrators there and at other hospitals apparently covered it up by establishing secret waiting lists and falsifying reports.

No one is suggesting that such scandals are widespread in the general health-care system. But they should serve as a warning sign of what could happen.

As Mediate explained yesterday,

"In a heated election year, and with the added pressure associated with the ACA, Democrats can be forced to go on record opposing much of the excessive bureaucracy, which medical professionals in the VA system are blaming for poor care."
That's a big political problem.

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Bill Murphy | May 20, 2014 |
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