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"Dude, Benghazi was...like...two years ago."

That wasn't Jeff Spicoli defending the Administration's Benghazi cover-up. It was former NSA official and Obama mouthpiece Tommy Vietor.

Not sure whether to laugh or cry.

Many have suggested for YEARS that the Obama administration’s story has never been honest about the Benghazi attack. Now we know.

Press Secretary Jay Carney once said the involvement of White House and State Department was only changing one word in crafting the first public response about the attack -- the infamous Susan Rice talking points.

Emails have since proven that wasn’t the case - in fact it was a blatant lie.

The Obama administration left the impression that everything related to the Benghazi attack was released to the investigating committees months ago.

It's now clear that is false.

Ron Fournier notes that,

“The thing about this White House is that they’re really good at winning news cycles, and really bad at winning the public’s trust.”
Jake Tapper called it, "insulting."

The latest batch released through a Freedom of Information Act request by Judicial Watch reveals the White House’s involvement in shaping the story. Much of the focus has been on an email from deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes (brother to CBS News President David Rhodes).

As Stephen Hayes explained this morning,

"The Rhodes email and new talking points went to many top Obama administration communications and political officials, including press secretary Jay Carney, communications director Dan Pfeiffer, and Obama’s 2008 campaign manager, David Plouffe. ...In the weeks after the Benghazi attacks, Carney and other top administration officials went to great lengths to suggest that the Obama administration’s public response to the attacks was strictly based on assessments provided by the intelligence community. This was not true."
It was a total lie, and in fact, the email reveals that the White House engaged in a coordinated effort to cover for President Obama.

So why does it matter?

It matters because at the same time the President and his White House put the video at the center of the Benghazi story, the intelligence community and sources in Libya were describing an attack carried out by al Qaeda-affiliated terrorists.

As Hayes explains,

"We are left with this reality: Top diplomats and intelligence officers in Libya offered assessments of the Benghazi attacks that were true when they made them and remain true today. But top Obama administration officials ignored those assessments. Six weeks before the 2012 presidential election, those officials—at the direction of White House communications and political strategists desperate to maintain the fiction that al Qaeda was 'on the run'—lied to the public about how four Americans were killed in a sophisticated attack carried out, on the anniversary of 9/11, by terrorists affiliated with al Qaeda."
They weren't alone in covering for the President.

Mary Landrieu leapt to the defense of the Obama Administration, telling the Washington Post that it was “horribly unfair” and wrong to accuse the Administration of shading intelligence for political purposes.

Jeanne Shaheen tried to sweep it under the rug as well, saying that it "isn't helpful to re-litigate" or find the truth.

We've made the case that voters feel betrayed and don't feel like their elected officials have leveled with them. They believe that those controlling Washington have repeatedly misled them – on a multitude of issues (from Obamacare to the economy, the Keystone Pipeline to Benghazi).

This is another instance where the Democrats controlling Washington have been caught deceiving voters.

Instead of holding the Obama administration accountable on matters of national security, Democratic Senators instead leapt to the defense of President Obama and tried to keep the truth hidden for political purposes.

They are not independent voices, they are Administration lap dogs and rubber stamps willing to repeat whatever the Obama administration tells them to.

Americans deserve the truth about Benghazi and it's clear Democrats will not give it to them. Donate today and elect a Republican Senate majority.

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Bill Murphy | May 02, 2014 |
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