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January Monthly Roundup

With the historic passage of the Republican tax relief in December, the American people are once again confident in a strong American economy! The American people are already feeling relief from this historic reform. Senate Republicans worked hard to deliver more money to America’s hard-working families.

Senate Democrats tried their best to block tax reform, but they can’t stop the benefits the tax plan is already bringing to the American people! Senate Democrats will have to answer for their vote that would have prevented over 250 companies from giving bonuses, creating new jobs, and investing in their communities.

These include Olive Garden, Disney, StarbucksWalmart, Apple, and JPMorgan – and that list keeps growing. Washington Democrats might think that these bonuses are “crumbs,” but this is a crucial win for American families.

“The reality is the exact opposite from what Senate Democrats predicted and it’s clear that hardworking Americans are already benefiting from the Republican tax relief plan,” said Katie Martin, NRSC Communications Director.


The month took a chaotic turn when Senate Democrats caused the #SchumerShutdown. They played political games with children’s health care and funding for our troops in their disgraceful and irresponsible shutdown. Rather than getting to work, Democrats chose “governmental chaos,” highlighting their rampant hypocrisy.

Take a look at what Americans woke up to as Democrats attempted to deflect blame for the #SchumerShutdown.

It’s clear who’s to blame. Voters will remember how these Democrats threw troops and children under the bus.

During the #SchumerShutdown, we ran Facebook ads hitting each Senator that enabled the shutdown. These Democrats will be held accountable for their shameful display of politics at its worst.

And since Democrats got absolutely nothing after shutting down the government, we decided to send them a little gift. We think Senate Democrats will look great sporting these around Capitol Hill!

State of the Union

We also ran ads this month during President Trump’s State of the Union, reminding Trump-state voters who their Democrat senators are beholden to. Take a look:

In the States


Missouri families are the ones winning from the GOP tax relief plan. Sorry to break it you, Claire, but you may just be too out-of-touch to understand how much these tax cuts benefit real Missouri families. 

Sen. McCaskill dodged questions when asked by the Springfield News-Leader about Great Southern’s new bonuses. She seems bitter that the GOP tax plan is already successful and Missourians are seeing more in their paychecks.

Then Sen. McCaskill finally broke her silence on tax reform, but it was riddled with lies. She said, “the bill is not going to be helpful to the vast majority of people in my state…” But Sen. McCaskill, of course, was wrong.

One way Missourians will feel the economic boost tax reform delivers is because of Walmart, Missouri’s largest employer, will begin raising wages and increasing benefits for maternity and paternal leave.

Sen. McCaskill also earned two well-deserved Pinocchios from the Washington Post for even more false claims about tax reform.

Sen. McCaskill took to Twitter to start making more false claims. This time, they were about the history of government shutdowns that are flat out lies! It’s starting to get difficult to keep track of all her lies.

The last week of January was Restaurant Week in Washington, D.C. (Claire’s favorite city). Claire is part owner of a swanky Downtown D.C. restaurant right in the heart of City Center neighborhood. Her restaurant, Centrolina, had a restaurant week dinner special of $35 with an option of a bottle of wine for a whopping $350! Not more than a minute away is Claire’s $2.7 million dollar D.C. condo with stores like Gucci and Louis Vuitton so close she won’t even need to use her private plane! 🤑

West Virginia

Sen. Joe Manchin refused to support President’s Trump’s tax plan choosing to cuddle up to his Democrat bosses instead.  As the President said, “He talks. But he doesn’t do anything.” We agree, Mr. President.

Sen. Manchin enjoys being called a “moderate” but the proof is in the numbers!

Even though Sen. Manchin voted against tax reform, West Virginia will still benefit from it as Walmart announced wage raises.

His disastrous attempt to run for re-election hit another snag as the NRA decided to not support Sen. Manchin this year. It’s about time his 2nd Amendment record caught up with him.

Sen. Manchin refused to take a stand and condemn his Democrat colleagues for shutting down the government. You’d think he’d have something to say for such a horrible display of partisan games.


Columbus’s own Nationwide announced employee bonuses and increases to their 401(k) program, but Sherrod Brown had nothing to do with that. He voted against historical tax reform alongside his Washington liberal pals.

This month, we took voters down memory lane to celebrate the 15 years Sen. Brown has been in Washington.

Sen. Brown loves to talk about raising the minimum wage, but now that Cleveland’s Keybank announced raising wages to $15 due to the GOP tax plan, will Brown finally admit he was wrong to vote no?

Walmart is also Ohio’s largest employer, and they also announced wage and benefit increases after the GOP tax plan passed.

Sen. Brown must be ready to lose. He said during a radio interview that a shutdown is, “just idiotic and these people that threaten shutdowns just, they should be defeated in their elections, frankly.” Sen. Brown should face those same consequences since he voted for the government to shut down, throwing troops and vulnerable children under the bus.


Sen. Donnelly might regret going against the tax reform after the largest employer in Indiana announced wage raises and other employee benefits. First Midwest Bank, which has 18 locations in Northwest Indiana, also announced wage raises for Hoosiers – all thanks to the tax plan Sen. Donnelly voted against.

To make matters worse, Mexico Joe has no problem fundraising with the person responsible for shutting down the government.


Multiple Pennsylvania companies are giving employee bonuses in addition to giving back to their communities. The GOP tax plan is already working for Pennsylvanians! 

Sen. Bob Casey decided to play games with the military and children’s access to health care when he voted for a pointless government shutdown.


Nevada is also feeling the benefits of tax reform as companies announce bonuses, higher wages, and new jobs but Rep. Jacky Rosen attempted to prevent that with her “no” vote on tax reform.

Even as several Nevadan companies, are giving employee bonuses and creating jobs, Rosen has doubled down on her decision to vote against the GOP tax cuts. What does Rosen have against new jobs?

Rosen chose to play along with partisan games as she voted yes on the government shutdown twice! It’s clear she’s in Pelosi and Reid’s pocket.

Shortly after the shutdown, Rosen joined the shutdown architect, Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, in Houston to hold a campaign fundraiser. She wouldn’t stand up for children and our military, but she has no problem standing by liberal Washington elites.


Senator Tina Smith started her Senate career off with an appearance with ultra-liberal Keith Ellison, giving him a new platform to spread his liberal agenda. Sen. Smith is also virtually unknown in Minnesota with a poll revealing that 80% of Minnesotans don’t know who she is.

If Sen. Smith wants to become more well known, she shouldn’t have made one of her first moves in the Senate to support the #SchumerShutdown, putting crucial government services at risk.


Rep. Kyrsten Sinema voted to end health care for vulnerable children and threatened military funding by voting for the government shutdown. It is clear Rep. Sinema sides with Washington Democrats over Arizonans.


In Tennessee, Bredesen has remained silent on the successful GOP tax plan that is giving Tennesseans more of their own money back. Is he mad about Tennesseans benefiting from this historic tax reform?

Bredesen is making a habit of staying silent on important issues seeing as he said absolutely nothing on the irresponsible #SchumerShutdown.


Sen. Jon Tester has said he doesn’t want any of his campaign money to come from outside of Montana, yet in 2017, 85% of Tester’s campaign money came from outside of Montana. He even raised most of his money from California and New York!

Higher wages will also make a big impact in Montana with Walmart, their largest employer, investing in their employees after tax reform.

Sen. Tester tried his best to stop tax form, denying Montanans the economic boost they deserve. 

Sen. Tester continued his resistance habits by voting for the #SchumerShutdown where the real victims were our troops and children.

It seems that Tester gets in trouble with his own words. He said in 2013, that talking about shutting down the government is, “stupid talk.” So what does that make him when he voted for the shutdown not once, but twice? Watch our new ad telling Tester to stop playing dangerous politics.

Watch our new ad telling Tester to stop playing dangerous politics.


The largest employer in Florida, Walmart, is going to raise their starting wage to $11 an hour and is set to expand other employee benefits.

Another huge employer for Florida, Disney, announced increasing employee investments due to tax reform, making the Happiest Place on Earth a little happier – and making Sen. Nelson’s “no” vote a lot more puzzling.

To make Nelson’s bad month worse, he decided to cozy up to Democrat Washington leaders by voting for the #SchumerShutdown that hurt so many Americans.

He then capped off the pointless shutdown by attending a fundraiser with Sen. Schumer, the man Sen. Nelson choose over Florida’s kids and troops.

North Dakota

Sen. Heitkamp has failed to condemn the actions of her Democrat colleagues for supporting a disgraceful shutdown. Click to watch the Facebook ads we ran this month.

As Sen. Heitkamp tries to defend her vote on tax reform, North Dakotans are already seeing more money in their paychecks!


From the beginning, Sen. Tammy Baldwin has opposed the GOP tax plan, which is already proving to be a success in Wisconsin, proving that her liberal agenda matters more to her than giving Wisconsinites the reform they need! So is she going to admit that she was wrong? We’re not holding our breath.

Sen. Baldwin decided she wanted to join the #SchumerShutdown by voting with her Washington bosses to shut down the government.


Sen. Stabenow has been in Washington for 40 years. She has failed to bring real and substantial change for Michiganders and her NO vote on tax reform makes that more apparent than ever!

Fiat Chrysler is investing back into the Warren Truck Assembly Plant bringing jobs back to Detroit, but Sen. Stabenow thought that tax reform would do nothing for working Michiganders.

Sen. Stabenow will have to take responsibility for voting for the #SchumerShutdown that Washington liberals like her decided was necessary.

Help us defeat these Democrats in November!