| Sami Gilkes

October Monthly Roundup

While Republican Senators are coming together to pass the first steps towards commonsense tax relief, Senate Democrats’ goal is just to blindly block the tax cut middle-class families deserve.

Senate Republicans are working to give the American people a reformed and efficient tax code that works for the middle class – but Democrats are only interested in passing their ultra-liberal agenda.

Take a look at this month’s updates state to state:

West Virginia

Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin not only votes with his boss and fellow liberal Chuck Schumer 80% of the time, he’s now inviting him to West Virginia to fundraise. Sen. Manchin might get his orders in Washington from Schumer, but West Virginians won’t stand for that in their own backyard.

This month, Sen. Manchin also joined the list of least effective Democrat Senators, earning his place at #8. With zero bills passed, it’s time to send him home for delivering nothing for West Virginia.

Sen. Manchin continues to avoid questions about his shady hotel dealings this month.

Watch: Sen. Manchin dodge question about his investments.

Then a new revelation revealed a missing $1 million in cash from Sen. Manchin’s shady hotel investments. We don’t expect to get an answer about this cash from the Senator anytime soon.

He claims over and over again that his investments are in a blind trust, but we know that repeating your lies 4 times doesn’t make it true.

He also took the liberty of insulting unemployed West Virginians. Maybe instead of throwing insults, he could do something to bring jobs to West Virginia.

While he insults people facing unemployment, Sen. Manchin had the luxury of renovating his mansion and adding some pretty cool additions: flat screen TVs, a whirlpool, and a wet bar!

While the opioid epidemic is devastating families, Sen. Manchin is happy to take pharmaceutical money. The money he’s taking is from Mylan, which manufacturers Fentanyl, whose CEO just happens to be Manchin’s daughter.

Sen. Manchin added Larry Puccio to his campaign team. Who is Larry Puccio? He’s just happens to be a lobbyist for Mylan, who is also Sen. Manchin’s second largest donor.


Sen. Claire McCaskill likes to talk about tax reform but now is choosing not to champion upcoming tax relief – even though Missouri families will benefit from it.

She also brought far-left Democrat Senator Al Franken to Missouri to help her campaign, condoning his blind resistance to President Trump.

Sen. McCaskill is gonna have to keep fundraising so she can continue to travel privately. Her campaign reportedly spent almost $21K for her private travel in a mere 3 months.


Sen. Joe Donnelly earned the number 1 spot as the least effective Senate Democrat. Donnelly has become pretty comfortable in Washington not doing his job. He would rather enjoy the perks of Washington than bring real results back to Hoosiers.

Indy Star also reported this month that Joe Donnelly is the least effective Democrat in the Senate. He can’t escape his blank record; Hoosiers have noticed.

In an attempt to create a record after all those years in DC, he tweeted that he agrees with the President to oppose outsourcing American jobs – even though he and his family have profited off outsourcing.

Check out mexicojo.com to see Sen. Donnelly’s real record on outsourcing.

Sen. Donnelly avoids Washington Dems in Indiana in an attempt to avoid his own voting record.

As Shelby County Democrats organize a protest against outsourcing, they’re also protesting all the money Sen. Donnelly earned from outsourcing.


Senator Tammy Baldwin continues to move further left and would rather vote with Bernie than with the Wisconsinites.

Sen. Baldwin was called out by Rep. Sean Duffy for her support for a single-payer healthcare system. She continues to prove how out of touch she is with her own state.

Sen. Baldwin has voted alongside ultra liberal Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren 94% of the time – the same Sen. Warren who is the Senate’s biggest advocate for higher taxes. Sen. Baldwin’s voting record shows she’ll choose Sen. Warren over Wisconsinites faster than you can say “Madison Liberal.”

Not only do they vote alike – she is even alright with bringing Sen. Warren to Wisconsin to help her fundraise.

North Dakota

Earlier this year, Senator Heidi Heitkamp got the chance to get rid of destructive regulations but instead decided to keep the Obama-era methane rule that continues to harm North Dakotans.

Even though her support for the death tax has cost over $45 million for North Dakotan farms and small businesses, Sen. Heitkamp continues to defend it.

Once again, Sen. Heitkamp’s words don’t match up with her actions. She said money outside of North Dakota shouldn’t be impacting North Dakotans, but she raised 97% of her 3rd quarter money outside of North Dakota.



Jacky Rosen voted with Washington Democrats against the Budget Resolution. She’d rather vote with Pelosi than for a plan that would usher in a balanced budget and pro-growth policies for Americans.

She also decided to spend time in Chicago hobnobbing at a fundraiser with liberals rather than celebrating Nevada Day in Carson City where thousands of Nevadans had gathered.


Sen. Bill Nelson decided it was appropriate to use Hurricane Irma as to fundraise for himself, instead of victims of the devastating storm.

And then…

After his first attempt to fundraise off Irma, he decided to try one more time…

When he’s not fundraising off of a hurricane, Sen. Nelson is alright with standing in the way of tax relief – Watch:

To make maters worse – Sen. Nelson is unknown to 49% of voters in Florida.


Extreme liberal Sen. Bob Casey is enjoying his new position on the far left by attending a fundraiser with a progressive pro-sanctuary city group.

Sen. Casey’s words and actions aren’t adding up this month. He claims to care about making a more efficient tax code but Casey joins the list of Democrats blocking commonsense tax relief.


Sen. Debbie Stabenow also joins the list of the least effective Senators with 0 bills passed. Must be nice getting paid to do nothing.

Sen. Stabenow decided against returning to Michigan, but instead, headed to California to cozy up to ultra-liberal California Democrats to do some fundraising.

New Jersey

While Sen. Bob Menendez is still on trial for ethics violations,  he refused to say CNN that even if convicted, he’d resign from the Senate.

In the meantime, Democrat Senators are happy to give their campaign cash to a fellow Democrat Senator currently under indictment.

As Sen. Menendez won’t say if he’ll resign or not, Vice President Mike Pence took a stand on the issue saying that a Senator who’s a convicted felon would be “alltogether inappropriate and wrong.”


In Ohio, pro-life advocates are on the ground ready to defeat extreme pro-abortion Democrat Senator Sherrod Brown.


Jon Tester also never answered our simple question, what’s the difference between a Socialist and a Democrat?

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