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The situation is dire.

Defend President Trump’s Majority
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This is critical.

There are only 39 days left until Election Day and only 3 days until the final quarterly deadline of this election. We are behind where we need to be. The Democrats have been outraising us, and there isn’t much time left for us to catch up. We must step up NOW. All contributions you make to this message to defend our President’s majority will be 4X matched.

Can you imagine the return of Speaker Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer leading Congress? This would devastate everything we have done over the last year. Tax reform would be gone. Regulatory reforms would be ended. Everything we have worked so hard for would be wasted. We would go back to the failed policies of Obama years. This would be a disaster for America. Please step up to help us prevent this from happening by chipping in now.

We cannot overstate how dire the situation is:

* The Democrats are raising millions from their progressive supporters to defeat our majority and end our Making America Great Again Agenda.

* Democratic Senate candidates are using the millions they are raising to overrun our great candidates in negative and misleading ads.

* The mainstream media is not on our side. They are promoting narratives that hurt our chances to win in 41 days.

These three things together could cause us to lose President Trump’s majority in November. This would be a disaster. This would be the end to our Making America Great Again agenda.  With control, the Democrats would be sure to return us to the failed Obama era policies of the past.

We can prevent the Democrats from winning, but we need your support NOW. We have been authorized to 4X match all contributions to this email to help us catch up.

Everything we have worked for is on the line. Will you step up to help us make a difference?

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We cannot do this without you.

Thank you!
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