Matt Rosendale Portrait

Matt Rosendale

Matt Rosendale is a rancher, businessman and proven conservative leader who will fight alongside President Trump to enact his America First agenda.

Matt Rosendale is a rancher, businessman and proven conservative leader. He is the son and brother of U.S. Marines. Matt and his wife have three sons and have been married for nearly 32 years.

While he’s not in Helena serving the people as Montana’s State Auditor, Matt lives in Glendive with his wife Jean on their family ranch. Matt has spent many long hours mending fences, herding cattle and working the land.

Matt’s neighbors in the Glendive community recruited him to run for public office because of his conservative values and no-nonsense style.

Matt means business and serves exactly as he campaigns. When the voters sent him to Helena, he cut spending, reduced regulations, defended Montanans’ property and gun rights and the sanctity of life – He’ll serve this way as Montana’s next U.S. Senator.

Matt has kept his promises of cutting government spending. As a legislator, he cut spending and balanced the budget. As State Auditor, he cut his operating costs by 23% and refused a taxpayer funded pay raise when every elected statewide official took one. He’s shown he’ll make the hard decisions and will go to Washington to end the political games and finally balance the budget.