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Stealing an election

If you thought Democrats couldn’t become more unhinged, think again. They are now trying to steal an election for Bill Nelson.

Just tonight, an elementary school teacher found a box of provisional ballots that was suspicously left behind at a school in Broward County.

On top of this, the county has not been reporting updates regularly or hourly, instead releasing thousands of additional votes in batches and taking over two days to post their final vote totals.

And Broward County Elections Supervisor, Democrat Brenda Snipes, has a long history of trying to throw elections for the Democratic Party. Just to give a few examples, Snipes has illegally destroyed ballots to favor Democrat Debbie Wasserman Schultz, improperly handled vote-by-mail ballots, and posted election results before the polls closed.

And Bill Nelson’s own lawyer even admitted he was in Florida to win the election.

It’s clear the Democrats’ goal here is not to count every vote fairly but to steal an election.