Press Release
| Nathan Brand

All eyes are on Michigan today, but where is Senator Jerry Peters?


Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are crisscrossing Michigan. Their surrogates are out in force at events in every corner of the state. The Michigan Dem chair is talking up their team. Democrats like Whitmer, Stabenow, and Slotkin are doing interviews every day.


But Senator Jerry Peters?



Peters has NOT…
… announced who he is voting for today.
… addressed the far-left positions of Biden and Sanders.
… denounced Biden telling a Michigan worker: “You’re full of sh*t.”


Peters has…
… taken a high-dollar European fundraising trip in recent weeks.


America’s most unknown senator up for re-election is nowhere to be found and has no desire to talk about the issues facing Michigan today. For more than 20 years, Peters has built a career as a politician that only looks out for himself, not Michigan.