Press Release
| Joanna Rodriguez

NEW AD: Colorado Paying the Price for Hickenlooper

The National Republican Senatorial Committee has released a new TV ad in the Colorado Senate race targeting John Hickenlooper for making Colorado pay the price for his unethical behavior while Governor.

Watch the NRSC’s new ad here.

“Hickenlooper raided a federal fund meant for essential government services to try to cover up his illegal private jet and Maserati limo rides,” said NRSC spokesperson Joanna Rodriguez. “Now, a Treasury Department investigation could reveal that use of the fund was also illegal – all as he continues to hide records detailing other possible ethics violations from his first seven years in office. Colorado taxpayers can’t afford to keep footing the bill for Hickenlooper’s corrupt behavior.”

The ad refers to a CBS DenverColorado Sun investigation that found Hickenlooper’s office accepted millions of dollars in private donations with almost no oversight or disclosure while some donors said they were paying for policy positions. The ad highlights Hickenlooper broke Colorado ethics laws when he accepted a Maserati limo ride, fancy conference perks, and a corporate-paid private jet ride. The ad closes noting the over $133,000 cost of Hickenlooper’s $525-an-hour ethics defense lawyer being paid out of a federal post-9/11 economic recovery fund. A recent complaint urged the U.S. Department of Treasury to investigate Hickenlooper’s potentially illegal use of the fund.


Narrator: “John Hickenlooper took millions in shadowy donations in the Governor’s office. Maserati limousines. Private jets. Swanky hotels. Hickenlooper took illegal trips from special interests.

“When he finally got caught, Hickenlooper took $100,000 from a 9/11 recovery fund to pay for his own defense lawyers.

“Low down John Hickenlooper. He broke the law, got caught, and Colorado is literally paying the price.”