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Senator Tester is feeling the heat today after challenger Matt Rosendale laid bare Tester’s record of rubber-stamping President Obama’s nominees to the Supreme Court while fighting to obstruct President Trump’s at all costs.

Montana Public Radio reports Rosendale published a new website hammering Jon Tester for blindly supporting 99% of President Obama’s federal judicial nominations while voting against President Trump’s first pick to the Supreme Court and as many as 2/3 of his nominees to the Circuit Courts of Appeals. Tester voted against Trump’s first pick for the Court, Justice Neil Gorsuch, but had no problem giving his seal of approval to both of President Obama’s, including Justice Sotomayor, who held that the Second Amendment is “not a fundamental right.”

The fight over SCOTUS will only make Tester’s already difficult situation even tougher by forcing him to choose between standing with Montana, or the Washington insiders who back his campaign.

Check out the new website here and read the full report from Montana Public Radio here.