Washington, D.C. – Most of the nation’s eyes were on the Kentucky Derby this weekend, but the eyes of radical socialists were focused a few miles away on Bernie Sanders’s Rally for Socialism in Louisville. Failed Senate candidate and proud socialist Charles Booker joined his fellow socialist to highlight a high tax, big spending agenda that Kentuckians routinely reject. 

Charles Booker’s radical socialist agenda couldn’t even beat milquetoast Amy McGrath in the 2020 Democratic primary, so why do he and his socialist pals think he stands a chance in 2022 against Kentucky Senator Rand Paul? 

Statement from NRSC Spokeswoman Katharine Cooksey: “Kentuckians have made their voices clear in recent elections: Socialism has no place in the Commonwealth. Bernie Sanders hardly spent any time hyping up Charles Booker because even he knows Booker and socialism are no contest for Senator Rand Paul. There is no doubt that Kentuckians will once again reject Charles Booker’s radical agenda that would end the Second Amendment, kill jobs across Kentucky through the Green New Deal, and hike taxes on hardworking Kentuckians.”


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