Press Release
| Camille Gallo

Care package for Bill Nelson

We heard the concerning news that Bill Nelson has lost his voice, making him “unable” to answer reporters’ questions about Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination, and the NRSC is really concerned about him.

We sure hope he finds his voice soon, so to help Bill out we’ve sent him a care package filled with remedies. It contains:

• Cough Drops
• Throat Spray
• Honey
• Herbal Tea

Feel better, Bill! Floridians are waiting to hear from you.

“It’s important that Bill Nelson finds his voice so he no longer has to dodge reporters’ questions about the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, and the NRSC is here to help,” said Camille Gallo NRSC Spokesperson. “We hope these remedies will work and look forward to learning if Bill Nelson plans to obstruct a qualified nominee again or support a fully functioning Supreme Court.”