Washington, D.C. – Today, to kick off his term as Chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, Senator Rick Scott released a new video outlining the challenges and opportunities to come over the next two years.


He also released the following statement after officially taking over as Chairman of the NRSC:

“Over the next two years, my focus will be on drawing a clear contrast between a Republican Party that fights for good jobs and protects the values that make our country great and a Democrat Party that wants government at the center of our lives, that flirts with Socialism and that undermines our fundamental values. If we fail to become THE party that is trusted to lead America into the future, Democrats will lead America into the past. We have to win back the Senate Majority and we will. We don’t have another option.

“I want to thank Todd Young for the great work he’s done over the last two years. Under his leadership, the NRSC broke fundraising records and has built a strong foundation that will help Senate Republicans be competitive all over the country. I look forward to working with Leader McConnell and all of our incumbents while recruiting strong challengers across the country.  Our Party is unified and united. We are focused on the future and we will win.”


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