Washington, D.C. – For 11,000 American workers, Joe Biden’s first day in office became their last day on the job because of Biden’s decision to kill the Keystone Pipeline. After 100 days in office, failed presidential candidate Michael Bennet and other vulnerable Senate Democrats seem content to let Joe Biden continue advancing his radical, job-killing agenda.

Once a supporter of the Keystone Pipeline and the good-paying energy jobs it created in Western states including Colorado, Michael Bennet flip-flopped his position and rejected common-sense legislation to restart the Keystone Pipeline project and get folks back to work. The mere threat of a primary is forcing Bennet to change his mind on critical Colorado issues, a move that ultimately will cost him.

Of Biden’s decision to kill the Keystone pipeline, a Colorado union leader recently wrote“The decision taken by President Biden shortly after assuming office to rescind the permit of the Keystone XL pipeline is an example of the kind of over correction that brings unintended consequences. It is not hyperbole to point out that the decision lamentably put thousands of jobs at risk overnight […] The Keystone XL pipeline is a critical part of American infrastructure, and we encourage the president to rethink this decision…”  

Uh-oh. Did Michael Bennet endorse Biden’s job-killing agenda before realizing the negative impacts it would have on Colorado families and workers? Why are Michael Bennet, Mark Kelly, Raphael Warnock, Catherine Cortez Masto, and Maggie Hassan afraid to speak out against Joe Biden’s continued efforts to kill thousands of good-paying American jobs? 


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