Washington, D.C. – Democrats continue to push their BIG LIE on election reform. Their “Corrupt Politicians Act” or H.R. 1 bans Voter ID requirements – despite wide popularity with American voters – and it supports the use of taxpayer dollars fund their liberal attack ads.

While Democrats think that the American people may not care or find anything wrong with this misuse of taxpayer dollars, according to the latest NRSC poll, 56% of Americans oppose using taxpayer dollars to pay for federal elections – 56% of Independents and 47% of Democrats are on the same page. So why are Democrats pushing this crazy, unrealistic and dangerous idea? Click on the slide below to learn more.

Last week NRSC Chairman Rick Scott released a video outlining the American people’s opposition to provisions in H.R. 1/S.B. 1. You can view that by clicking here. He also sent the following memo to Republican leaders across the country.



FROM:           Rick Scott, NRSC Chairman

RE:                  Election Reforms and the BIG DEMOCRAT LIE

DATE:             March 29, 2021

The entire Democrat Party, from President Biden on down, is engaged in a BIG LIE when it comes to election reform.

The Democrat BIG LIE is this – Any election reforms suggested by Republicans are intended to suppress voters from voting, and are racist.  

Any time you hear a Democrat talking about voter suppression and racist Republican election reforms, you are hearing a person lie.

Our goal is maximum participation and zero fraud. Period.  Not “some” fraud, but zero fraud.

Republicans will push to eliminate all voter fraud, all of it, and we will no longer be intimidated by the Democrats playing the race card with their BIG LIE.

As the attached polling results show, the Democrats have a huge problem on their hands — they cannot win the arguments over specific election reforms designed to eliminate fraud.  Unfortunately for the Democrats, the public hates fraudulent elections, the public demands fairness and total accuracy.  

They can’t win the argument on this because their positions are nonsensical and illogical.  Let’s take voter ID for example.  People need ID to get vaccinated, write a check, use a credit card, get a phone, get on a plane, rent an apartment, etc, etc.  Requiring ID to vote is a nonpartisan, common sense, no-brainer. 

But the Democrats oppose voter ID, for one reason, and one reason only – it will cut down on voter fraud, and they are the party in favor of voter fraud. 

The Democrats have three very dirty little secrets they are hiding –

  1. They don’t want to take any steps that would eliminate voter fraud.
  2. They like to suggest there is no “widespread” voter fraud. They know there is fraud, so this is the way they accept it.  This is their way of saying they are fine with “some” voter fraud.
  3. Their suggestion that minorities don’t have ID’s is, in itself, racist.

Really Democrats? You really think that minorities in America do not have ID’s? Really?  No, you don’t think that at all.  You simply play the race card in order to stop this common-sense reform.  Your suggestion that minorities do not have ID is, in fact, racist.

Please enjoy the following data, and please be bold in speaking the truth. Don’t back down in the face of the Democrats BIG LIE.


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