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Heitkamp flounders in 2nd debate

At the second North Dakota Senate debate, Heidi Heitkamp reinforced why she’s losing so badly in the polls, as she failed to defend her disastrous record and showed she’s out of touch with North Dakota voters on taxes, immigration, national security, health care and trade.

Heitkamp has been responsible for one blunder after the next on the campaign trail, first outing sexual assault survivors without their consent, and this week using a WWII veteran’s image without his permission. Tonight, she once again made it clear that North Dakotans can’t trust her judgement.

“Heidi Heitkamp’s failure to put North Dakotans first was on display tonight as she was repeatedly criticized for selling them out to the liberal out-of-state donors funding her campaign and the Democratic Party bosses she votes with,” said NRSC Spokesman Michael McAdams. “Unlike Heitkamp, Kevin Cramer demonstrated that he will always stand with North Dakotans and fight to make sure they have the representation they need and deserve in the U.S. Senate.”