Washington, D.C. –  State Senator Jeff Jackson, aka Cal Jr., started off his “100-day, 100-county” tour with a bang this past weekend in Greensboro, NC. The hour-long event had it all, including booze, awkward jokes, and local ignorance. Here are some highlights:

  • After flubbing climate policy statistics, Jackson sought forgiveness by informing the crowd, “I’ve been drinking gin the last 20 minutes!” (Watch)
  • Jackson randomly scolded Sen. Joe Manchin on the filibuster, an issue Jackson notoriously has been on both sides of: “We will all be very disappointed if you decide that preserving the filibuster is more important than ending gerrymandering. It is absolutely indefensible.” 
  • Jackson decided to be weird and remind the crowd he isn’t 100% like Cal Cunningham, “I know you’re all thinking it, so let’s just address it. Everything is fine at home!” 
  • Jackson wouldn’t say whether or not he will take money from Chuck Schumer’s PAC, but said he wouldn’t take corporate PAC money because people would lose trust in him.
    • The NRSC will keep note of this comment.
  • Jackson closed the event with a rendition of the Paw Patrol theme song, when asked about how much he cares about children. 

If voters are to expect this sort of disjointed entertainment at the remaining 99 events of his tour, Jackson will lose badly but leave North Carolinians with a lifetime of memories.


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