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ICYMI: Dead President Trump Appears in Poster for Tester Campaign Concert

Senator Tester is under fire this morning after a violent poster advertising a get-out-the-vote concert for Tester’s campaign surfaced, depicting images of President Trump lying dead in front of the White House as the iconic landmark burns in the background. In the image, Tester flies gleefully overhead – smiling at Trump’s demise — aboard a green tractor as smoke billows from the White House spelling out the word, “vote.”

Click here to see the poster in full on Twitter.

The gory poster was produced by the band Pearl Jam to promote their concert in Missoula to benefit the Senator this week, but comes as others including comedian Kathy Griffin, Maxine Waters, and other members of the “unhinged” left have been rebuked for encouraging violence against President Trump and those who agree with his policies.

In a state Trump won by 20 points, Senator Tester’s silence, however, is quickly showing Montanans there’s no stoop too low for him when it comes to attacking President Trump and his supporters.

In case you missed it…

Pearl Jam Poster Promoting Jon Tester Features Dead Donald Trump
Jon King
August 14, 2018

The poster depicts an apocalyptic scene with the White House, the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial cracked and on fire in the shadow of the letters P and J for Pearl Jam. High overhead, Senator Tester can be seen flying cheerfully on a farming tractor over the destruction in wispy clouds that spell out the word “vote.”

The most confrontational image on the poster is front and center. Below the flames of the White House, sprawled on the ground is the skeleton of President Donald Trump, with his signature hair still intact, reaching for a briefcase emblazoned with a hammer and sickle while an eagle feeds on his carcass.

The band Pearl Jam’s bassist Jeff Ament is a proud supporter of Montana Senator Jon Tester, the two have been friends for many years and when Pearl Jam comes to Montana it is frequently associated with Tester’s campaigns.