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ICYMI: NRA Downgrades Tester to “D” After Kavanaugh Vote

In the latest example of how Senator Tester has left his Montana values behind in the swamp, the NRA announced today that they have downgraded Tester to an abysmal “D” rating after his vote against pro-Second Amendment Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

In its rating change, the NRA criticizes Tester for having “joined forces with Chuck Schumer and anti-gun liberals to vote against our fundamental right to self-defense,” adding that “Jon Tester can’t be trusted to protect our constitutional rights.”

The NRA notes Senator Tester abandoned Montanans by voting for both of President Obama’s anti-gun liberal justices and not a single one of the constitutionalists put forward by President Trump.

The rating change will take a heavy toll in Montana where as many as 52% of households are gun owners and where voters expect Senator Tester to confirm judges who will defend their Second Amendment Rights.

In case you missed it, the NRA’s ratings change can be found here.