Joe Biden ran as a moderate and said he would be a president “for all Americans.” But, 5 months into his presidency, one thing is clear: Joe Biden is controlled by the radical Left. Bernie Sanders, AOC, and Biden’s liberal staff are the puppet masters behind Joe Biden’s radical agenda. Ron Klain even bragged that he speaks to socialists like Bernie Sanders, AOC and Jamaal Bowman “quite often.” 

Here are a few examples of how the radical Left controls Joe Biden: 

So, who is making these important decisions that affect the future of our country? The answer: Biden’s radical handlers in the White House and their far-Left Socialist friends like Bernie Sanders and AOC. It’s no wonder Bernie Sanders gave Joe Biden a big hug before Biden’s Joint Address.

Joe Biden is nothing more than an empty vessel that has been filled by the radical Left. Americans deserve a real leader who is willing to make tough decisions, not a leader who lets radical Socialists make the decisions for him


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