Washington, D.C. – Yesterday, Senator Ed Markey (D-MA), along with other members of Congress such as Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA), held a press conference outlining their plan to expand the Supreme Court so they can pack it with liberal justices. 

Although it’s in direct conflict with the wishes of the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg, along with liberal Justice Steven Breyer, and even then-Sen. Joe Biden, unhappy Democrats on Capitol Hill do not care. Anything to gain power. 

When asked for her opinion, Democrat Senator Maggie Hassan’s spokesperson declined to outright reject the proposal, the only member of the New Hampshire delegation to do so. 

Once the report was published, and Senator Hassan realized she was alone on a liberal policy island, it became clear that such a position wouldn’t fit her newly self-minted “bipartisan” brand.  Her spokesperson immediately issued another statement declaring that the Senator does in fact oppose such an expansion of the court.

We’d have to double-check the record books, but we believe this to be the fastest flip-flop in New Hampshire political history. 

Statement from NRSC Spokesman T.W. Arrighi: “Maggie Hassan and her campaign aren’t ready for primetime. On one of the most prominent and hotly debated issues in politics today, it took them two tries to get their story straight. The truth is Maggie Hassan is a D.C. liberal who’s more than happy to destroy our institutions so she can rush radical policies into law that Granite Staters oppose. It’s no surprise she’s voted 96% with her neighbor Bernie Sanders and 98% with Democrat leader Chuck Schumer. Sometimes it’s hard to tell them apart.”


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