Washington, D.C. – Today, the NRSC launched a new digital ad and billboards highlighting Washington Politician Mark Kelly’s attempt to cover up his failures on immigration. The ad illustrates how Mark Kelly is the typical Washington Politician – telling Arizonans what they want to hear all while voting in lockstep with Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Chuck Schumer to fuel the current border crisis. 

“Mark Kelly has learned to speak politician – Washington Politician,” the ad states. “The crisis on our Southern Border is a crisis that Mark Kelly helped create. See, Kelly voted to defund border security, end border wall construction, allow sanctuary cities that refuse to enforce immigration laws, send stimulus checks to illegal immigrants. And when Joe Biden canceled the Emergency Declaration on border security, Mark Kelly was silent.”

CLICK HERE or the image below to watch the latest ad.

The NRSC also purchased billboards in Phoenix and along Arizona’s Southern Border to let voters know it is Mark Kelly’s border crisis.

Statement from NRSC Chairman Rick Scott: “Mark Kelly might be new to the Senate, but he is already an expert in speaking Washington Politician. Mark Kelly has worked hand-in-hand with Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Chuck Schumer to create this border crisis. Now back in Arizona, Mark Kelly is pretending to care about the crisis he helped create. If Mark Kelly truly cared about keeping Arizonans safe, he would have voted in favor of common-sense legislation to secure the border and enforce immigration laws. He did the opposite. Arizona deserves better than a typical Washington politician.”


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