Washington, D.C. – Today, the NRSC placed a billboard in Atlanta, GA highlighting Senator Raphael Warnock’s implicit support for the Georgia boycott that cost his state over $100 million in lost revenue from the MLB All-Star Game and Draft. 

Earlier this month, the MLB announced that it would move its All-Star Game and draft out of Atlanta, costing the region, including many minority-owned businesses that call the Atlanta area home, over $100 million. The MLB was pressured into doing so by liberal organizations who threatened to boycott the state for enacting common-sense voting security measures that the people of Georgia support. While Georgia liberals like Senator Jon Ossoff and Stacey Abrams opposed the effort, Senator Warnock supported the boycott

Last Friday, the NRSC launched a digital ad that will run in Georgia, highlighting the Senator’s All-Star blunder that hurt Georgians in need during a pandemic. You can watch the ad here

Statement from NRSC Chairman Rick Scott: “The people of Georgia are working their tails off to crawl out of a once-in-a-generation pandemic. Sadly, their Senator Raphael Warnock encouraged a boycott that robbed them of a unique opportunity to generate hundreds of millions of dollars in economic growth, and the jobs and opportunities that come with it. The people of Georgia will not forget that when they needed him most, Senator Warnock stood with big corporations and the woke mob over Georgia families.”


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