Senate Republicans Start 2022 Cycle with More Than $17 Million Cash on Hand 

Washington, D.C. – Today, Chairman Rick Scott announced that the National Republican Senatorial Committee raised more than $8.3 million in January of 2021, with more than $6.8 million raised after the Georgia runoffs. The Committee ended the first month of the 2022 cycle with $17.2 million cash on hand. By comparison, in January of 2019, the NRSC raised $5.5 million and had $7.6 million cash on hand.

The NRSC’s total fundraising for the month of January includes $4.24 million raised online, with more than 85,000 donors and an average donation of $32. The NRSC raised more than $100,000 online every day in the month of January.

“The NRSC starts the 2022 cycle in a strong financial position,” said Chairman Rick Scott. “Bolstered by our strength in low-dollar donations, the NRSC is well-equipped to get our message out, support our Republican candidates and fight in the trenches in states across the country. While we know the Democrats’ support for Socialism, higher taxes, more regulation, bigger government and cancel culture is bad for America, it’s certainly motivated patriotic Americans across the country to support the fight for freedom and opportunity.”

Fast Facts:
·   Total Raised: $8.33 million
​·   Total Raised post-Georgia Runoffs: $6.82 million
·   Cash on Hand: $17.22 million
·   Total Raised Online: $4.24 million
​·   Average Gift Online: $32
·   Total Number of Donors: 89,206
·   Number of First-Time Donors: 9,073
·   Number of Donations Less than $200: 150,271


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