| Nate Brand

NRSC Statement On Ossoff Joining Crowded Georgia Primary

Following the news that failed congressional candidate Jon Ossoff joined the contentious and leftward drifting Democrat Senate primary in Georgia, the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) released this statement:

“The bitter and divisive Democratic primary welcomes another unaccomplished, far-left candidate,” said NRSC spokesperson Nathan Brand. “Failed congressional candidate Jon Ossoff’s serial resume inflation and extreme left-wing views will fit in with the rest of the crowded Democratic primary but will stand in sharp contrast to David Perdue’s positive record of delivering results for all of Georgia.”

The Democratic U.S. Senate primary between failed business executive Sarah Riggs Amico, Teresa “I have a higher progressive score” Tomlinson, and socialist Ted Terry has been marked by its “leftward drift” and nasty infighting.

Ossoff misled Georgia voters during his failed congressional campaign when he tried to inflate his “national security experience” and “security clearance” credentials. The Washington PostPolitiFact, and the Washington Free Beacon were just a few of the outlets who highlighted Ossoff’s “resume puffery” and misleading claims.

Democrats in Georiga are still without a top-tier U.S. Senate candidate.