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President Trump Slams Schumer Tool Phil Bredesen

At his rally in Nashville this evening, President Trump laid out exactly why Tennesseans can’t afford to elect Phil Bredesen and his liberal policies to the U.S. Senate.

President Trump hammered Bredesen over his dangerous positions on immigration, die-hard support for Hillary Clinton and being  “a tool of Chuck Schumer and of course the MS-13 lover Nancy Pelosi.” But Bredesen’s liberal record doesn’t stop there. He’s refused to support tax cuts for the middle class and his reckless actions as Governor forced $1 billion in taxes and fees onto hardworking Tennesseans. It’s clear Phil Bredesen’s too liberal for Tennessee.

“President Trump nailed it in his criticisms of Phil Bredesen’s out-of-touch positions,” said NRSC Spokesman Michael McAdams. “Bredesen desperately wants voters to forget his liberal ways long enough to get their votes, but they won’t be fooled. Tennesseans know Bredesen is just another liberal politician dead-set on opposing President Trump’s agenda, which they overwhelmingly support, and saddling them with higher taxes, open borders and bigger government.”


On August 27, 2016, Phil Bredesen Contributed $33,400 to the Hillary Victory Fund. (Hillary Victory Fund, October 15 Quarterly Report (Amended), Federal Election Commission, Filed 8/31/17, Pg. 7088)

Taxes And Fees In Tennessee Soared Close to $1 Billion During Bredesen’s Time As Governor. (Andy Sher, “Bredesen Tax Legacy May Be Tough Act To Follow,” Chattanooga Times Free Press, 12/28/10)