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President Trump to MO: Fire Claire

At his rally in Columbia, President Trump laid out the case against Claire McCaskill, telling Missourians “In just five days the people of Missouri are going to retire far-left Democrat Claire McCaskill, who’s been saying such nice things about me. But you know what? She’ll never vote with me. That’s the problem…She never has. And she didn’t even vote for Justice Kavanaugh.”

The President went on to remind Missourians that Josh Hawley is the only candidate who shares their values, saying, “And you’re going to send Missouri patriot, and that’s what he is, he loves your state, he loves you as people, he loves this country, Josh Hawley to the United States Senate. He’s a good man. He’ll be a star. Josh shares your values and he will fight for your values all the time, so I need everyone to show up and vote. You gotta vote for Josh.”

With just five days until Election Day, President Trump is energizing Republicans in the Show Me State, and will continue that effort on Monday with another Get Out The Vote rally in Cape Girardeau.