Washington, D.C. – Today, Senate Democrats once again voted AGAINST America’s students and FOR the unions that fund their campaigns. They voted UNANIMOUSLY against a common-sense amendment to get students back in our schools.

They continue to falsely claim that schools need more taxpayer money to reopen. The truth is, of the $68 billion that Congress appropriated for K-12 schools in 2020, only $4 billion has been spent. And the CDC has confirmed that schools are safe to reopen RIGHT NOW. 

The NRSC recently conducted a poll which shows an overwhelming majority of voters say it is time to open the damn schools. It’s time D.C. Democrats start listening to Americans.  

Statement from NRSC Spokeswoman Priscilla Ivasco: “Time and time again, the CDC has said that it is safe to reopen schools. Yet Democrats continue to push the lie that more federal funding is necessary before we get kids back in classrooms. That’s bull and they know it. Tonight’s amendment would have provided funding if schools committed to reopening to just 50% capacity, but that still won’t do for Senate Democrats. The best place for children to be is in a classroom learning. If Democrats want to sell out America’s students and families as they cower to their union bosses, then voters will make their voices heard in 2022.”


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