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Sleepin’ Joe

In his speech in Elkhart this evening, President Trump exposed Mexico Joe Donnelly for what he really is – an ineffective, do-nothing Democrat who serves his party bosses, not Hoosiers.

President Trump reminded Hoosiers of all of Mexico Joe’s worst votes, from opposing the Trump-Pence tax cuts to his support for the disastrous Iran nuclear deal. The President also gave the Senator a new nickname – Sleepin’ Joe – a reference to Donnelly being named the Senate’s least effective Democrat and the fact that he’s never had a single bill passed into law. It’s clear Sleepin’ Joe is in deep trouble with no accomplishments to run on in a state where the Trump-Pence administration remains extremely popular.

“President Trump hit the nail on the head with his new nickname for Indiana’s do-nothing Senator, Sleepin’ Joe Donnelly,” said NRSC Spokesman Bob Salera. “Sleepin’ Joe has been on the wrong side of everything from tax cuts to the Iran Deal, and has never passed a bill into law. Sleepin’ Joe has no accomplishments to speak of in more than a decade in Washington, and will be replaced by Mike Braun, a businessman who knows how to get things done.”