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Tester’s Trump Problem Worsens

If today’s tweets from President Trump are any indication, Senator Tester’s problems in Big Sky Country are only continuing to get worse. After calling on Senator Tester to resign, President Trump today took aim at Senator Tester once again — this time for his support of sanctuary cities.

Today, President Trump tweeted:

“The migrant ‘caravan’ that is openly defying our border shows how weak & ineffective U.S. immigration laws are. Yet Democrats like Jon Tester continue to support the open borders agenda – Tester even voted to protect Sanctuary Cities. We need lawmakers who will put America First.

In a state where Trump won by 20 points and where Senator Tester has never broken 50% on the ballot, continuing to take attacks from President Trump is likely to do real damage to his prospects in November, especially when Senator Tester has made cozying up to Trump a core message in his campaign ads.

“Senator Tester has obstructed President Trump at every turn and now he’s paying the price,” said NRSC Spokesman Calvin Moore. “From falsely smearing a decorated veteran, to supporting dangerous sanctuary city policies, Senator Tester has easily become the poster boy for everything wrong with Washington. Voters are growing tired of his partisan obstruction and they’ll vote him out this November.”

BACKGROUND: Tester voted three times against withholding certain law enforcement grants for sanctuary cities. (Roll Call Vote #34: 2/15/18, Tester Voted Nay; Roll Call Vote #119: 7/6/16, Tester Voted Nay; Roll Call Vote #280: 10/20/15, Tester Voted Nay)

In February 2018, Tester voted against $25 million for a border wall. (Roll Call Vote #36: 2/15/18, Tester Voted Nay)