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Trump bashes Nelson in Florida

At his rally in Estero tonight, President Trump made it clear it’s time to retire do-nothing Bill Nelson and elect Governor Rick Scott, a proven leader to the U.S. Senate.

Trump hammered Bill Nelson’s record of doing nothing for Floridians and everything for his party bosses saying, “a vote for Bill Nelson is a vote for Chuck Schumer,” and that Nelson will “always 100% vote for Schumer.” Trump didn’t stop there and blasted Nelson for being a complete no-show in the state until campaign season rolls around stating, “I never see Senator Nelson—ever—until 6 months before the election.”

With the election less than a week away, President Trump reminded Floridians of the stark contrast in front of them: Elect career politician Bill Nelson who will do anything for his Washington bosses, or Governor Rick Scott who will bring his strong leadership to Washington and get to work for Floridians.