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Trump on Casey: “He’s weak”

This evening, President Trump visited Luzerne County, PA, a county he flipped from a 5-point victory for Obama in 2012 to a 20-point landslide victory over Hillary Clinton in 2016. The President highlighted his economic successes, including the GOP tax cuts that have led to historically low unemployment and 4.1% GDP growth, and took the opportunity to boost Republican Senate Candidate Lou Barletta and bash Bob Casey for his constant obstruction.

President Trump reminded Pennsylvanians of Casey’s dismal record on immigration saying, “Bob Casey wants open borders which means crime…he wants to abolish ICE, because he’s weak,” in contrast to Lou Barletta who he praised as “an incredible champion, an incredible winner.” The President also highlighted Casey’s attacks on the Pennsylvania coal industry and votes against Justice Neil Gorsuch and the GOP tax cuts, while telling voters that Lou Barletta has always been an advocate for coal, a key industry in the Keystone State.

“Bob Casey’s support for open borders and his constant opposition to President Trump’s agenda are far out-of-step with Pennsylvania voters and will be remembered in November,” said NRSC Spokesman Bob Salera. “Pennsylvanians deserve a leader like Lou Barletta, who will put them first, not a partisan obstructionist like Bob Casey.”