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TRUMP: To drain the swamp, defeat Tester

In President Trump’s third visit to Big Sky Country, the President made the perfect case for why it’s time for Montanans to retire Jon Tester.

“If you want to drain the swamp, you must defeat the Democrats, and you must defeat Senator Jon Tester,” the President said.

In the rally, President Trump tore into Tester for being the worst of the Washington swamp where he led the Democrat mob in a dishonest smear campaign to obstruct Trump’s nominees, for confirming liberal activist judges that will take away Montanans’ Second Amendment rights and for supporting the Democrats’ radical open-borders agenda.

“I mean he’s a super liberal,” Trump said, “Tester says one thing to voters and always does the exact opposite. In Washington, he talks like he’s from Montana, but he votes like he’s Nancy Pelosi. The only thing keeping Tester’s campaign alive is millions and millions of dollars from outside liberals and radical leftists, who couldn’t care less about Montana. All they know is that he’s a vote for them,” Trump continued.

But the President probably summed it up best when he said, “Tester doesn’t share your values.”

Click here for footage of the rally.

“President Trump hit the nail on the head: Jon Tester will sell out Montana to liberal lobbyists and the Democratic circus every chance he gets,” said NRSC Spokesman Calvin Moore. “Montanans need a fighter who will put their values first, and that’s why they’re ready to elect Matt Rosendale.”