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Trump to Missouri: Fire Claire

Claire McCaskill infamously wrote off voters in the bootheel, but President Trump recognizes the importance of voters in Southeast Missouri, holding his last rally of the midterm in Cape Giraredau.

Trump reminded Missourians that on the issues they care about, Claire McCaskill does not have their backs, saying, “Claire voted against middle class tax cuts. She voted against Neil Gorsuch. And Claire joined the Democrat mob in voting against Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Claire McCaskill has one of the most open border voting records in all of Congress. Claire McCaskill voted no on Kate’s Law. And she voted no on enhanced vetting for refugees…And Claire voted in favor of deadly sanctuary cities. She would rather protect criminal aliens than American citizens, which is why she needs to be voted out of office tomorrow, please.”

Missourians are fired up and ready to send McCaskill packing in favor of Josh Hawley, for whom the President offered his strongest endorsement: “If you want jobs and if you want safety, you have only one choice – a young talented man who’s going to – I tell you I really believe this – he’s going to go down as one of our great Senators, Josh Hawley.”