Press Release
| Joanna Rodriguez

VIDEO: Hickenlooper Was Never “Independent,” He Shrugged His Way Into Supporting Impeachment

Back in October John Hickenlooper made news in his Democratic primary when he hesitated supporting President Trump’s impeachment. You might remember:

Since then, he’s tried desperately to redeem himself by embracing impeachment at every step, and even fundraising off of it with disingenuous claims he’d be an “independent voice.” But the truth is, there is nothing independent about Hickenlooper following the lead of his liberal opponents like Andrew Romanoff.


“Hickenlooper said for months during his failed presidential bid that he was ‘not cut out to be a Senator,’ and his handling of impeachment is yet another example of his inadequacy,” said NRSC spokesperson Joanna Rodriguez. “Hickenlooper showed us all last October just how quickly he’ll succumb to peer pressure to appease the far-left. If Hickenlooper is willing to shrug his way into something as serious and consequential as removing an American President for the first time in our history, he’ll shrug his way into anything. Coloradans deserve better.”