Why was Stacey Abrams chosen to give the State of the Union Response?


Top 10 Reasons Why Stacey Abrams Was Chosen To Give the State of the Union Response:

  1. Democrats knew she’d be available
  2. Claire McCaskill’s private plane was stalled at Dulles.
  3. Gary Peters volunteered, but like the people of Michigan, Chuck Schumer wasn’t sure who he was.
  4. Michael Dukakis was snowed in in New Hampshire.
  5. Al Gore had a guest appearance on South Park that night.
  6. Hillary Clinton finally found Wisconsin and decided to stay there.
  7. Joe Kennedy couldn’t find his chapstick.
  8. She hasn’t staged any protests in Nancy Pelosi’s office.
  9. She was the only one who could make it back from Iowa for the evening.
  10. Jon Ossoff wasn’t available.


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