| Sami Gilkes

Will Tammy #FeelTheBern in her hometown?

Senator Tammy Baldwin will be joining College Democrats in Madison today, but there’s just one problem: she’s actively ignored them until last year – when she realized she had some serious liberal ground to cover.

In the 2016 Presidential Primary, Sen. Baldwin snubbed Bernie Sanders not only in endorsing Hillary Clinton, but then again when she did an event with Hillary Clinton. Then – for good measure – she snubbed him one more time when she defied Sander’s Wisconsin win and voted for Clinton as a Wisconsin superdelegate.

When you take an even closer look at Sander’s results, you’ll realize why College Democrats at Madison probably have a lot of questions for Tammy Baldwin.

Sander’s winningest city? Madison.

Sander’s winningest age group? 18-29 year olds.

After two devastating Democrat losses both in the Presidential and Senate elections, Sen. Baldwin realized she was facing an uphill re-election battle. Recognizing she would have to win over these Sanders supporters for her 2018 re-election, her first move was to erase her mistakes of 2016 and start hugging Sen. Sanders and all he did. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, right?

In April of 2017, Sen. Baldwin cosponsored Sanders’ bill to raise the minimum wage. (She would eventually go on to vote no to tax reform, which led to 300 companies handing out bonuses and raising the minimum wage.)

Then in September, beefing up her ultra-liberal chops, she decided to cosponsor Sanders’ bill for single-payer health care.

Now that Sen. Baldwin has finally started #FeelingtheBern in Madison, someone should ask her tonight if she’ll be one of the Senate Democrats to bring Hillary on the campaign trail!

Sen. Baldwin is trying to have it both ways, but she can’t escape the civil war engulfing the Democratic Party. Voters will remember her ultra-liberal record with Bernie Sanders and her loyalty to the party establishment as a superdelegate as nothing more than pure political games.