| Kate Scarola

August Monthly Roundup

August recess did not stop the Republican Senate Majority from working hard for America!

Into the States!


Democrat Doug Jones is still struggling to find favor with the people of Alabama, that’s probably why he spent some time in August fundraising in California because no one from his own state wants to give him money.

We also put up new billboards in Alabama reminding voters that Jones will do anything to stop President Trump’s judges and pledges to support whatever crazy Dem presidential candidate wins the nomination.


Senator Dan Sullivan is working hard for the people of Alaska and went on Fox News to discuss how he’s working to better and simplify the National Suicide Hotline making it more easily accessible and readily available to those who need it.


Martha McSally never stops fighting for Arizona. She is leading the fight against homegrown domestic terror, working to empower law enforcement to hold terrorist to the fullest extent of the law. Martha also went on Fox News to discuss the issue of domestic terror and how she’s working to close loop holes within the system.

McSally also did an interview with her dog, Boomer, to discuss how she is working hard in her fight on gun violence and prescription drugs costs and safety.

McSally knows the pain and problems with sexual assault in the military so she has introduced the Combating Military Sexual Assault Act that works to improve prevention, training, victim support, investigation and prosecution.

While McSally is working hard for Arizona, Dem challenger Mark Kelly is busy being a hypocrite and not telling people who he really is. We put up a new billboard in Arizona to remind people that Kelly has something to hide and created a website, realmarkkelly.com, hitting on his lack of transparency and corporate money hypocrisy.


It has been quite an eventful month in Colorado. Cory Gardner has been traveling around the state to meet with constituents and was joined on the campaign trail by Ambassador Nikki Haley.

Cory was also named one of the top five most bipartisan senators which he again proved to be true when meeting with potential challengers in Colorado. Cory continues to show that he puts the people of Colorado first, no matter their politics. 

While there were already quite a few Dems running against Cory in Colorado, former Governor of Colorado John Hickenlooper decided to drop out of the presidential race and come crawling back to Colorado hoping for a royal welcome that he did not get.

We released new videos hitting Hickenlooper for treating Senate as a consolation prize after his failed presidential campaign.

Multiple times during his campaign for president, Hickenlooper said he is “not cut out to be a senator” yet here he is running for U.S. Senate – a job he said he didn’t want and said he wouldn’t be good at – because his presidential campaign failed. Hickenlooper’s entry into the race has created a feud among Colorado Democrats.

Colorado Republicans and Democrats are telling Hickenlooper that running for U.S. Senate should never be a back up plan. Not long after Hickenlooper’s announcement, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee endorsed him dividing the party and ruffling feathersdividing the party and ruffling feathers OF the other Dem candidates, including seven women. Six of the female Dem candidates in Colorado wrote to the DSCC to tell them they’re not going to “wait their turn” and urging them to rescind their endorsement of Hickenlooper.

The Colorado Democratic Party is in for a rough ride.


Senator Johnny Isakson announced he will retire from the U.S. Senate at the end of 2019 – his leadership will be missed and his absence felt. Thank you, Senator, for your dedication to Georgia and the American people!

Senator David Perdue encouraged Georgia Republicans keep up the fight against socialism and the dangers it poses to our way of life.

We put up a new billboard in Georgia to remind voters that Democrat candidate Teresa Tomlinson is too liberal for Georgia.


Senator Joni Ernst continues to work hard for Iowans! Joni spent the month traveling across Iowa meeting with constituents. On one of her stops, she continued to work with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in their efforts to repair the levees that were damaged during the floods in 2019. Joni is now cosponsoring a bill that calls for the corps to focus on flood control.

We put up a new billboard in Iowa hitting Dem Senate candidate Kimberly Graham for her support radical socialist policies proposed by AOC and the “squad.”


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell had his campaign account suspended after posting a video of people outside his home in Louisville protesting and yelling death threats.

Disaster candidate Amy McGrath, still has no idea what she’s doing or what her policies are. Maybe she can figure it out by next November, but she’s quickly losing momentum with Kentucky Democrats.


Yikes, what a month for Democrats in Maine… Chuck Schumer’s pick, Sara Gideon, has really dug herself into a hole that will be hard to climb out of. Just this month, Shady Sara has admitted to federal campaign violations by reimbursing herself with an LPAC. She is now facing ethics complaints in Maine. This is in addition to dark money group ties to Gideon running false ads against Susan Collins, and an ad that the Washington Post gave THREE PINOCCHIOS.

In another blunder, Shady Sara posted a video while in Freeport, Maine wearing a Patagonia jacket. Freeport is home to Patagonia competitor and top five employer in Maine, L.L. Bean. Gideon deleted the video, erased the logo, then reposted the video. Too bad everyone saw it before it was deleted… Shady Sara’s shenanigans continue.

We put up a new mobile billboard in Maine hitting Dem candidate Betsy Sweet for her support of AOC and the “squad” with their socialist policies.

Meanwhile, Susan Collins has been working hard for Mainers! Senator Collins knows how important teachers and principals are in schools and is part of the bipartisan effort introducing the PREP Act – legislation that increases teacher and leader training programs to ensure full potential is met.

Susan Collins takes her role as chair for the Senate Committee on Aging seriously and spent some time in August meeting with residents and staff at senior living facility in Farmington, Maine.

Collins was instrumental in solidifying the contract between Navatek and the University of Maine for additional funding and employing graduates from the University. Susan announced that the National Science Foundation awarded $6 million to University of Maine to establish monitoring systems to track Maine’s forest ecosystem.


Jerry, Jerry, Jerry… Senator Peters still remains the least known senator in the U.S. Senate and has been described as “about as exciting as a bowl of cold oatmeal.”

Billboards that we placed in Michigan hitting Jerry for his support of the Green New Deal and taking people steaks drew attention this month.

Jerry also got  fundraising help from socialist Elizabeth Warren. Warren, who is committed to eliminating employer-based health insurance and remaking the American economy with the Green New Deal, lended Peters her support because she knows that the radicals in Washington can count on him.


We released a radio ad reminding people that Dem Senator Tina Smith is a corrupt politician who will work to get tax cuts for her family but not the American people.


Senator Ben Sasse traveled around his home state of Nebraska to meet with constituents while on his 93 county RV tour across the state!

New Hampshire

We put up a new billboard in New Hampshire to remind voters that Senator Jeanne Shaheen has been in politics since the 1970s, and it’s time for someone new.

North Carolina

Thom Tillis helped pass legislation to give relief to family farmers in North Carolina and across the country.

We also put up a new billboard in North Carolina making sure voters know that Dem candidate Erica Smith fully supports the radical socialist agenda being pushed on the American people by AOC and her “squad.”


Senator John Cornyn spent time back home in Texas this month traveling around the state to make sure he’s serving Texans to the best of his ability. Cornyn is leading the fight against the Green New Deal citing the threats it has to local Texas business and middle-class families.

Sen. Cornyn also met with victims of sexual assault to hear their stories and address the issue of out-of-date rape kits and rape kit backlog. He recently passed legislation on the Debbie Smith Act as part of the bipartisan effort to reduce backlog and get kits tested sooner.